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Miley Cyrus says goodbye to Twitter with a rap; Courtney Love's account is removed

Twitter continues to lose some of its most-followed music celebs. Days after teen star Miley Cyrus removed her account, perpetual ranter Courtney Love has disappeared from the social-networking service. Love's Twitter disappeared without warning, but its removal came soon after Love's teenage daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, laid into young Ali Lohan.

Cyrus, however, isn't disappearing so quietly.

With rumors that she left Twitter at the behest of her supposed love interest Liam Hemsworth, the tween star and their friends channeled all their non-tweeting free time into a short, cheesy rap. "I stopped living for moments, and started living for people," Cyrus sings, adding, "Everything that I type and everything I do / All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news."

Cyrus admits to some withdrawals, as well as missing Dane Cook's latest updates, but promises no more "fake feuds" with Demi Lovato. If the result of Cyrus leaving Twitter is more charmingly bad videos like the one above, Pop & Hiss applauds the move.

Cyrus was leaving Twitter while she was on top. According to data from BigChampagne, Cyrus had the third-most Twitter followers among musicians as of Oct. 6, with more than 2.2 million users tracking her pimple updates. Only Britney Spears and John Mayer had more.

But Cyrus and Love aren't the only high-profile musicians to disappear from the site. British singer Lily Allen, who ranks No. 9 among active Twitter musicians, hasn't updated since Sept. 28, going quiet after taking heat for her views on Internt file-sharing. Earlier this year, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor stopped updating his account, declaring on July 17 that "flesh and reality are calling." 


Although she wasn't nearly as blunt, it appears Cyrus would agree.

-- Todd Martens

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so check out twitter.com/MileyWire....

ok soo Miley just stated she wants people to stop writing gossip about her and leave her alone. So what are you writing this for? Let her have a life and get out of her private business like she said...

This YouTube piece is definitely her best work -- no glam or Hollywood glitter, just an honest rant -- short and , well, to the point. This could help take her from teen queen to adult artist.

We'll see if there's any fallout from blowing off two million people. This vid is all about her, and says nothing to her fans.

i think its totaly fine she deleted her twitter. of course ill well all of her fans will miss her tweets but shes right what she say. let her have some privacy, im the same age as her and i dont think i would like to have all these untrue stories about me so.... dont think people should judge her.... :)

Twitter sucks and this is lame.

Congrats to Miley for realizing that Twitter is completely useless for either creativity or privacy, and mainly exists for folks who need constant media attention 24/7.

I hope this is the beginning of a trend. If musicians spend more time making music and less time telling us what they had for lunch, hopefully we'll get better music.

I wonder if this is the start of something.... I'm beginning to notice a trend. Nickelodeon star Aria Wallace announced recently that she's ditching her cellphone for 40 days. http://bit.ly/ZzSN0 http://bit.ly/3aP78f

I am not a rap music fan because I have a hard time deciphering the words but I thoroughly enjoyed Miley's rap. Not only was it funny, andit did make me laugh, but if I was Billy I would be glad she was able to get a few things off her chest. You go girl and keep on telling it the way it is. As a father I couldn't be more proud if my sons told people to 'take a hike' and still keep it courteous. Thanks for the laugh Miley.

Twitter is not useless nor is it a waste of time unless you make it one. Twitter has been used for a lot of socially conscious issues - like recently thwarting an attempt in the UK for an oil company to gag the media on waste dumping issues being discussed in Parliament. Twitter is an instant communication tool that can raise the bar on debate in a moment or use for live discussion on events happening anywhere in the world.

Just because some people use it to find out what celeb of the moment is doing every minute of the day is like blaming the New York Times because some people read the National Enquirer.

I think she's a good person under a lot of stress from everyone digging in her life. I don't know if deleting her twitter will get gossip sites to leave her be.

History has shown when an icon becomes withdrawn or tries to break free it just encourages the media to pry even deeper into their life.

I'm glad she's getting stronger. The key thing is to not worry about what people think. It's a sad thing.

People always talk about wanting to be popular but honestly I believe (considering all the stress involved) being a star isn't all the glam and glitter Hollywood and the media makes it out to be.

Miley's got a great dad who's been through a lot himself so I think she'll be ok. Growing up with those kind of values is, in my opinion, what's kept her from going crazy like a lot of young stars have in the past.

In short it's a shame she's been harassed and poked and pried at this much. I hope (and I'm pretty sure) she will keep a level head and not let all these people get to her.

She's young and talented with a bright future. I wish her the best.


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