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Michael Jackson: He was channeling God



It’s no secret that Michael Jackson went to his grave in search of sleep.

The pop icon's death was linked to his use of the powerful anesthetic propofol and sedatives, according to the autopsy report.

Less scrutinized, however, are the circumstances that led up to Jackson's chronic sleeplessness. Turns out that toward the end of his life, Jackson burned the midnight oil in large part because he said he was channeling God and didn’t want to affront his creator or miss out on divine inspiration by clocking off too early.

“He’d say, ‘When the phones stop ringing at night, that’s when I can have really, really great thoughts. I’m not being interrupted. I can just be one with God. And then the ideas would come to me,’” recalled Travis Payne, associate director/choreographer of “This Is It,” the sold-out series of 50 comeback concerts at London’s O2 Arena that Jackson was preparing for at the time of his death June 25. “In his mind, if he went to sleep, he would miss those ideas.”

To be sure, nearly $400 million in debt without having toured for a dozen years at the time of his comeback, there were also financial and personal pressures associated with “This Is It” (a movie made up of rehearsal footage for that tour, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” reaches theaters Wednesday for a limited two-week engagement).

As well, to hear it from the show’s director Kenny Ortega (“High School Musical,” “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: The Best of Both Worlds Tour”), Jackson had put his all into every detail in the production -- including the levitating orb that would float from the performer’s hand and immolate over the audience, the bulldozer that would drive on-stage during “Earth Song” and the image of Africa’s Victoria Falls that Jackson wanted projected on a 90-foot high-definition video screen during another segment of the concerts.

A notorious insomniac since 1997, Jackson’s difficulty falling asleep took on crisis proportions in the final weeks leading up to the concerts – a period when it was not uncommon for the performer to wrap rehearsal as late as 1 a.m. and then call his collaborators such as Ortega or the concerts’ associate director-choreographer Travis Payne between 3:30 and 5 a.m. to brainstorm ideas for the stage show.
Such phone conversations were usually prefaced by an innocent – if rhetorical -- greeting: “You up?”

If the King of Pop was awake at that hour, his inner circle knew it was usually for one reason.

“He used the word 'channeling,' ” said Ortega. “He would say when the information was coming, when the idea was coming, it was a blessing. And he couldn't turn his back on a blessing. These were important ideas that were nurturing his work.”

Ortega continued: “I would say to him, ‘Can’t you make a little pact with your higher power to have this put on a shelf for you until a later date? We need you healthy. We need you nourished.’ He’d laugh at me and say no. ‘When they come, you have to be ready for them and you have to take advantage of them when they’re there. Or they won’t be yours.’”

--Chris Lee



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Oh, please Jackson "channeling God"! And which channel was he tuning into during his drug induced God delusions? The Baby Channel, Barney, Comedy Central, the Doper Channels (MTV/VH1).
I'm in a quandary deciding which the worse pathos is; Jackson for his mediocre, tainted and trashed legacy... or the media for squeezing this landfill stench from a dead guy just to rack up the sales?

$400 Million in debt! How do you get $400 Million in debt? Not what do you buy, that was obvious. But, at $200 Million and $300 Million who is stillll giving you credit? - AB in Santa Barbara

I don't get it! This article is strange to me! actually sorry I read it because it's just so unbelievable!!

Cant we let this narcissistic madman fade away??

Oops..there is still cash to be squeezed out of him.

Great article. It is tough for many people to handle that someone would use the spotlight on them to bring attention to the problems of the world, to call those same people to action - it is not suprising they'd rather gripe about money and reach for silly negative rumours about him, rather than take some responsibility for the world they live in.

With cynicism playing out its end game THIS IS IT has indeed come at just the right time.
Michael Jackson was always just trying to help, and that is what people have such a terrible time dealing with.
These are in many ways the days of judgment, your conscience has come a callin`. And there's no escaping this time.

Non artistic, non talented, non spiritual, and close-minded people would never understand Michael's genious and talent which was garnered from that higher power to which he yielded to unselfishly.

A respectful message to those who still doubt Michael jackson’s innocence or who need more information:

There is a reason why a depth charge of anger and grief has ignited in the hearts of millions of people. I do not mean to offend who believes the opposite in any way, but I just have to speak up. Does anyone really believe that the millions talking about the miscarriage of justice Michael Jackson suffered would be prepared to overlook peodophilia just because he was talented? Because I certainly wouldn’t. The American people need to know they were effectively brainwashed by the relentless onslaught of media coverage and endless rotation of hearsay and outright lies that so-called journalists like Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, Maureen Orth and the Smoking Gun online tabloid – amongst others, inflated into a storm of such unprecedented hostility it would convince Mr Jackson’s legal team that it would be better to settle than fight in court in 1993. In hindsight, that decision was a huge mistake. In the 2005 trial, the prosecution introduced the 1993 allegations into the trial evidence to bolster their case, this enabled Meseareau to revisit the circumstances of those allegations. Mesereau was able to satisfy a conservative jury that there was no validity to them whatsoever. Of course, little or no coverage was given to this fact, just as no attention was paid to the facts or motives of Evan Chandler or Janet Arviso. While it is understandable due to the sheer level of misinformation and non-investigation of Michael’s accusers: (Can anyone think of a single article apart from Mary Fischer’s ‘Was Michael Jackson Framed?’ that asked any serious questions about the credibilty of Michael’s accusers?); – that the myth of sexual deviancy still persists about Michael Jackson - it’s just not acceptable for this lie to stand any longer. It has caused so much pain to so many people, including Michael, and it undoubtedly precipitated his dependency on tranquillizers and ended his life earlier than the norm. There is information out there, information, I might add, that has more weight and substance than the inflammatory nonsense that has been peddled for years by the majority, if not all the American media. I am asking people to please go their local bookstore and order Aphrodite Jones’s book ‘The Michael Jackson Conspiracy,’ read Mary A Fischer’s article, go to the silencedtruth website and read Cory Rooney’s comments in the ‘Remember’ section, read Brian Oxman’s statements about Michael Jackson in The Huffington Post,and read the substantial legal criticism of Tom Sneddon’s years-long vendetta to prosecute Michael Jackson that is detailed in the archive section of the New York Times and many other publications. Millions of dollars of American taxpayers money were spent by Sneddon in an attempt to find corroborating witnesses to the so-called alleged crimes of Michael Jackson – an extraordinary amount, considering Sneddon found none. Out of the thousands of children Michael Jackson helped, two alleged molestation and one man linked both investigations. For most reasonable people these statistics should ring a huge alarm bell. Janet Arviso and her son Gavin both admitted on the stand in 2005 that Janet Arviso had made her son lie to support her false claims that she had been sexually assaulted by staff in a J C Penny store, after she and her children had been caught shoplifting. Unlucky? Or just a family with a unnatural propensity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? The Arviso v J.C Penny case I mentioned, by the way, can be found by googling it and in American law journals. I could go on, my point is this; people need to be asking questions right now – that is, if they want to know the truth. The movement for Michael’s vindication is about enabling truth to come to bear on something that has needed exposing for a very long time, not about excusing serious crimes because of how well somebody sang. What was done to Michael Jackson must never be forgotten - and all those who talk about him being a child molester know not of what they speak. Please ask questions, find out the answers for yourself, don't let a ratings -driven media make up your mind for you. That is all I ask.

And the film?
Beyond beautiful?
I just wish the ending was different
I always will.


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