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Michael Jackson fans say 'This Is Not It'

MJMJ300 With the feature-length concert documentary “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” reaching theaters Wednesday for a limited two-week engagement, a group of concerned fans has started an “awareness campaign” to bring to light what they see as certain dark truths about the King of Pop. Namely, the campaign seeks to highlight what one fan describes as the “blatant lies and attempted cover-up by those around Michael in his final months.”

On the website this-is-not-it.com and a dedicated This Is Not It Facebook page, the fans allege that Jackson felt overworked and overwhelmed in the buildup to his 50 sold-out concerts at London’s O2 Arena. Testimonies by fans who claim to have interacted with Jackson in his final months describe how he was filled with anxiety, wracked with back pain and looked severely undernourished.

Moreover, the fans accuse executives at Jackson’s concert promoter, AEG Live, of being more concerned with making money than with the performer’s well-being.

A representative for AEG Live did not respond to requests for comment. 

“[W]e believe we can inform people and help them see the movie with different eyes,” reads a statement of purpose on this-is-not-it.com. “We can tell you this did not have to be IT and you could be watching Michael Jackson alive on a stage instead of a celluloid picture.

“It is our hope that many fans around the world will agree to join us and to unite one last time to do something that will shed light on the lies that are being said.”

Organized by fans from various countries, several of whom spent substantial amounts of time following Jackson since his 2005 criminal trial on child molestation charges, This Is Not It is a forum for shared grief and outrage at Jackson’s death. The fans’ stories are often very personal and emotionally wrought -- as are the allegations against such Jackson confidantes as his manager Frank DiLeo and AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips.

In an interview with The Times last week, however, Kenny Ortega, the director of Jackson’s comeback concerts as well as the movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” denied that the pop icon was anything less than 100% committed to what would have been his return to performing after a 12-year touring absence.
“It’s just not true that he didn’t want to do it or was being forced to do it or expected to do it,” Ortega said. “This was something he truly wanted to do. ‘This Is It’ never did anything other than nourish and excite him.”

In a statement addressing This Is Not it, Sony’s senior vice president of media relations Steve Elzer said: “‘Michael Jackson's This Is It’ is a celebration of Michael and his music and the film will demonstrate to fans around the world that he was an artist like no other who was passionately creating a one-of-a-kind concert experience. We believe his fans will be grateful for the rare opportunity to see Michael's creativity in action as he prepared and rehearsed for his upcoming London concerts.”

-- Chris Lee

Photo: Michael Jackson at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse in 2005. Michael A. Mariant / Associated Press

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I made the mistake of saying that Dr. Conrad Murray pulled the trigger. What I should have said is that doctors who were surrounded by Michael is what killed him. I believe that Dr. Conrad Murray still had something to do with Michael's death but he wasn't alone. Addiction is stronger than one can handle and the doctors should have helped him but they wanted his money! Hopefully justice will be done soon! R.I.P Michael Jackson!

this is "this-is-not-it" is a conartist using MJ fans to get money from them. There is no billboard come to find out. The names used to get said money are non-existant. I'm alerting paypal, a lawyer, AEGs lawyers, The LA Times, Larry King, Geraldo Riveraa..etc.

To fans who don't know any better. The jig is up. These jobless freaks want you to do all the work. Make copies of flyers and hand them out. There is no billboard, there never was to be. Don't do it. It will cost you big time. Don't become part of the giant lawsuit that lies ahead for this CON ARTIST who chased MJ down to get photos She never spent any time with him. He didn't bring fans to witness his rehearsals.

I will be repeating this all over the net. For those who gave money. Complain to paypal because if you ask the person (unknown) who you gave money to, you get banned from the site.


You (This is NOT It) claim to raise money for a billboard outside Nokia Theatre in LA during the premiere of the This Is It movie. As well informed “fans” with a huge knowledge of the facts, especially about AEG Live and Sony Music, knew already that the Nokia Theatre is a property of AEG, as you all can find on their website.
Now, when the heat has come upon your feet, you are changing your story. If it will not succeed to get the billboard in the open, you’ll use it for flyers. Flyers that you originally asked your members to print them out, and now you want them to get printed?
Why are you using a name for paypall that isn’t yours?
Why are you hiding behind a mask and not telling people where they send their money to?
This is a scam people.

If you already donated some money, be quick to redeem it at PayPall, before it is too late.

Saon who is probably TINI. Get a clue. Your testimonies are not signed by anyone. You have threatened MJ fans who are well aware you are full of crap. When people asked for their money back, you banned them from the site. You don't give your real name on that account which raises big red flags. I've reported you for fraud as well as many others.

MJ did not let you and your flaky friends trail his every move. That was not his personality. It was reported by his manager this a.m. that MJ didn't want strangers in the theater while he was rehearsing. Too bad LA Times didn't do any fact checking before their ran this crock of story by you.

AEG is going to wipe the floor with you.

I saw "This Is It" because I believe MJ was an astonishing entertainer with a gift that we will probably never see again in any entertainer. He persevered through all the hurt & pain that he did not deserve. I wanted to see him as the man he was & that is what the movie was about. It was all about Michael Jackson, his ability, his compassion for the people he worked with & his willingness to share is knowledge with the dancers around him. I don't care where the money goes from the movie or what rumors people say about the man. I believe that he was a very misunderstood human being only because this world has been conditioned to be cold hearted & petty at other peoples expense. Michael Jackson could not see or understand why people wanted to be so harsh to him. All he wanted to do was share his talent with the world & use it to try & soften the hearts of many mislead people to make this world really a better place to live. If you are a Michael Jackson fan, of anything he has done, even though this movie was of only rehearsals with him not doing the performances up to his ability, you should see this movie. He does deserve the acknowledgement for his preparation to give us all his final concert from his heart.

they are loser, im sorry.



they believe michael died like a stupid junkie.... ohhh they are REAL fans, i see!

It's amazing how little anyone cares....they only care about the money that is generated....sad.

It is looking more and more like Murray will walk.....

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