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Garth Brooks in Las Vegas: It's a sellout


About 30,000 tickets for the first 20 Garth Brooks' shows at the Wynn Las Vegas' 1,500-seat Encore Theater sold out within five hours this morning, Brooks’ representatives announced this afternoon. The Wynn reported receiving more than 5.4 million page views on its website when tickets for the first five weekends of shows were put on sale at 8 a.m.

As many as 40,000 people were waiting online at any given time, Brooks’ spokeswoman said in a statement.  Wynn representatives also issued a warning to ticket brokers who may have bought tickets, stating that any sold for more than the face value of $143 ($125 ticket price plus fees) would be subject to cancellation at the hotel’s discretion.

Owner Steve Wynn said at a recent press conference that he and his staff would be taking stringent measures to prevent scalping of tickets to the smaller-scale shows.  Brooks recently announced the end of his self-imposed retirement, a decision he had made in order to stay home in Oklahoma and raise his children.

The deal with Wynn allows him to play four shows over a given weekend and still be able to take his three daughters to and from school each day. The plan calls for 15 such weekend appearances per year if Brooks and Wynn are satisfied with the way the engagement plays out.

The initial round of shows are Dec. 11 to 13, Jan. 1 to 3 and 22 to 24, and Feb. 12 to 14 and 26 to 28. Brooks said he planned to schedule the year's performances roughly a quarter at a time so he could plan them around his children’s extracurricular activities.

-- Randy Lewis

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Top photo: Garth Brooks in 2008. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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It must feel good to Garth to know he is so loved by many. I think that is absolutely great he decided to come back to his music and love in creating magic through his talents. Well, I guess it is too late to get a ticket, maybe one day I will get an opportunity to see him and possibly meet him.

Garth you have many fans and a lot of present performers who are scratching their heads right now because you are back in the game. That is cool. It makes everyone hungry that way.

Now if we can only get Shania, Dolly and others on stage that would be absolutely incredible. I would take out a 2nd on my house to see Shania, for REAL. Have a great weekend and good luck Garth.

I don't even like country music but I would gladly pay to see Garth Brooks. This guy has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever know. Good luck Garth.

Brooks is such a fake. Can't believe so many goat ropers can't see through his fakery.

Sold out?
How come when we called Tickmasters tonight after reading this story they had plenty of tickets?
Here's what Wynn did. He paid millions for this dud. Critics blasted him.
Garth sells a few tickets while a majority of tickets get pulled for casino comps.
And then they call it a sell out.
Besides, the showroom is small. It's not a third of the size of the room Milder and Cher play in and they actually do sell out.
Nice try Wynn - busted.

Twain always looked better than she sang.

I hope the hotel cancels all those tickets that are listed on ebay right now!! They deserve to go to the fans...not people wanting to make a profit for themselves!

Um, Ted Jackson, tickets for these shows are NOT being sold on ticketmaster -- so it makes no sense at all that you claim ticketmaster had tickets available late last night. Tickets for the shows have been sold only on the Wynn website and by calling the Wynn box office. The Wynn website was completely jammed up for over 5 hours yesterday, as was the Wynn hotline. I *wish* that tickets had been sold via ticketmaster, because perhaps the ticketmaster website could have handled the millions of requests more quickly.

A great, subtle, double-meaning headline... given Brooks acknowledging the money involved, how pricey the tickets are relative to what he has charged. Indeed, it is a sellout.

I have been a huge Garth fan for 20+ years. I have seen him in concerts in Los Angeles and Phoenix. After trying for 2 hours yesterday, I was able to get tickets to a show in Vegas in February. I was happy that Wynn put some regulations in place to try to stop scalpers, until today. I received a call from The Wynn asking for the names of all six people who would be attending the show with me or have my ticket order cancelled. Of course, they already took my money. My show is over 4 months away and I have a large group of family that may be able to go. I just got the tickets yesterday and they want names of all who are coming with me, and I can't change any of the names after that. Some people need to request vacation time off or check college schedules for next semester. If someone ends up sick or has an emergency, no one else can use the ticket I paid for and I can't get any money back. I've gone from being excited to being mad at Mr. Wynn and Garth. Garth promised his fans years ago to always have affordable tickets to his concerts and until now, he has kept his word. I will pay more to see him because I am a huge fan and can afford to, but they have gone to far...

I waited for 18 hours in the rain in Wichita, Kansas to see Garth 17 years ago! To this day it still reigns as the best show I've EVER seen. I waited for 3 hours Saturday morning in a virtual line from Phoenix for two tickets - and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Welcome back Garth! Can't wait...

Garth is a crybaby. You will never stop the market forces that drive economy and the need for ticket brokers. Quit whining and enjoy your success.


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