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Garth Brooks at the Wynn: Ticket brokers cry foul [Updated]

In response to anti-scalping measures that Garth Brooks and the Wynn resort have put in place in connection with Brooks’ forthcoming performances in Las Vegas, a consortium of ticket brokers criticized owner Steve Wynn on Tuesday for warning that any tickets determined to have been sold for more than face value would be subject to cancellation and refund at face value.

“Fans should have the right to buy and sell the tickets they want without having to RSVP their guests or risk cancellation based on new, arbitrary rules,” the National Assn. of Ticket Brokers said in a statement. “They’re changing the rules in the middle of the game, and it’s only going to hurt the fans who can’t find tickets, or are stuck with ones they can’t use.”

In announcing Brooks’ engagement at the 1,500-seat Encore Theatre, marking his return from self-imposed retirement, Wynn said stringent measures would be taken to ensure that the $125 face-value tickets would not be re-sold at inflated prices.

[Updated at  5:25 p.m.: "Steve Wynn and Garth Brooks intend to protect guests and fans from the predatory practice of scalpers who seek to charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars over face value for concert tickets," said Jennifer Dunne, vice-president of public relations and marketing for Wynn/Encore, in response to the association's  statement. "They will not be successful at Wynn Las Vegas, as we will cancel these tickets.  Fans looking for seats should not be misled by these scalpers and should understand that these tickets will not be redeemable at Wynn Las Vegas."]

The brokers' association accused Wynn of trying to block competition. “These actions aren’t meant to address any problems with brokers or the reselling of tickets,” it said. “They are meant to restrict the open market and eliminate any competition for tickets.

“Fans hire brokers to help them find the tickets they want, for the price they can pay, or to resell the tickets they can’t use,” the statement said. “Wynn has no right to tell these fans, ‘Hey, tough luck -- unless you bought them at our box office within two hours of going on sale then you can’t go to the show.’ "

The first batch of about 30,000 tickets for 20 concerts at the Encore sold out within a few hours of being put on sale Saturday morning at the Wynn’s website. The shows begin Dec. 11.

-- Randy Lewis 

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Hey, is this something like derivatives.
If it's sucessful,
I think Steve Wynn is wanted in Washington DC. ASAP.
This is called nontransparency.
We don't want a concert ticket meltdown costing the taxpayers another $700 Billion..

So the crime-fighting duo of Brooks and Wynn has decided to place these unusual restrictions on who can and cannot attend these shows. Their stated mission is to ensure that only the fans may purchase tickets at the face value and others, who may be willing and able to pay a premium on the open market, may not. They are requiring those who bought tickets from the hotel box office to provide the names of all attendees, months in advance, or run the risk of having their tickets canceled, at the sole discretion of Wynn Las Vegas management, if it is suspected that any of the tickets have been transferred to someone other than the purchaser.

Why stop there? Fresh from their crushing defeat of evil ticket brokers, maybe tomorrow they’ll decide that Garth’s true fans are mostly Caucasian, heterosexual, natural-born Americans. In an effort to weed out the undesirables, the hotel management will begin calling ticket holders to inform them that they will need to also present birth certificates to prove citizenship and race as well as a marriage license proving they have been legally married to someone of the opposite sex for at least one year.

How hypocritical are these guys? Brooks has built a lucrative career around the American flag and the freedoms it represents. Wynn has made billions providing luxuries for people who are willing and able to pay top dollar for the best money can buy. Now they have decided to take whatever measures necessary to severely restrict a ticket holder’s freedom to resell his tickets for a profit. What a joke!


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