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Was DJ AM's death a suicide?


The jet-set mash-up disc jockey had prescription pills in his stomach and one in his throat when authorities found him dead in his Soho apartment on Aug. 28, an unnamed New York City official told the Associated Press on Wednesday.

The official said that there were six pills in DJ AM’s stomach and that the one lodged in his throat appeared to be the powerful painkiller OxyContin. The official didn’t know the dosage of the pills and was not certain what kind of pills were in DJ AM’s stomach. A similar report on People.com quotes an unnamed law enforcement source as saying that eight undigested OxyContin tablets had been found in the DJ’s stomach and a ninth in his mouth.

The discovery suggests that DJ AM (real name Adam Goldstein, 36) swallowed the pills in rapid succession. “He wanted to die,” the source told People.com. “He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn’t even swallow it.”

Responding to a 911 call Friday, paramedics had to break down the door of Goldstein’s apartment; they found him shirtless and wearing sweat pants in his bed around 5:20 p.m. Prescription pill bottles and a crack pipe were discovered near the body. There was no evidence of foul play. Final autopsy and toxicology reports are pending.

-- Chris Lee

Photo: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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He was doing what all addicts do; he was "chasing the high". If you have never been an addict you may never understand that terminology but I know it very well. He had agreed to check into rehab, and like most who finally give in, you want "one last run". Far too many people overdose looking for that last high, he may have taken 6 or 7 OC's many times in the past and thought a few more would put him where he wanted to be. I know people who have taken ten 80mg OC's, they are alive and well, they cheated death. Had they passed, the death may have looked like suicide.

Too bad he lived in that plane crash and not someone who really wanted to live.

"If you have never been an addict you may never understand that terminology but I know it very well."

Oh, the tragic, self-inflicted drama of those who have done drugs. Congratulations on sharing your insights with us.

Good night DJ AM.

That was a bit needlessly snarky, Bowman. I appreciated Ryan's viewpoint. What exactly did you offer us again?

May you or any of your family never have to endure the pains of addiction.......obviously you live in a bubble

Ryan thanks for sharing.

WOW, woody what a awful thing to say!! Thats pretty sad that you can sit there and say something like that. He was chosen to survive that plane crash .Its not like he was like gee im going to get in a plane crash today, but you know i think i wanna survive this and O. D . next year! You idiot.

it's "ignorant"

I think dealth is tragic, no matter how it happens. Even if he did it to himself it is still sad. He was a great DJ who spun great music. He is like a legend to DJ's across the country. Show some respect. If you have ever done a drug you know how quick it can get out of control and you know how risky it is... And addiction to anything is hard to conquer. Look at cigarettes...

I am addict in recovery for two years. I know how it feels to not want to wake up in the morning but begging to find the light. Accidental or not, any death by addiction is horrible. And Bowman, you righteous idiot...you best take a very good look in the mirror before you open your trap and judge other people's thoughts and opinions. Hoisting yourself on a pedestal will get very lonely for you.
Prayers to Adam's family and friends...And Adam may you find peace.

Just an observation here...Oxycontin (trade name) is a time released formulation of the drug oxycodone, the same drug that is in (immediate release) Percocet. If one was trying to commit suicide with Oxycontin, you wouldn't just swallow the pills whole. As is done to get high off Oxycontin, one would crush the pills and swallow or snort them in that form. Crushing the pills ruins the time release effect and turns them into mostly instant release drug. Perhaps "the source" is using the name Oxycontin instead of the generic oxycodone because Oxycontin is well known as a lethal drug of choice for opiate addicts. As for Oxycontin, addicts always crush it first. I know this firsthand.

Unfortunately this is terrible. My prayers are with his family. The truth is that he was the only one that felt pain and this is how we deal with it. I always say that we as simple humans are never taught how to deal with issues and tragedy. Just maybe this a lot of pain left to deal with. God Bless him and his family.

I feel like someone knows something. This seems to obvious. His last Twitter message was "New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems." and it was posted at 2:57PM on the 25th.

Depending on how fast the pills worked and what he was trying to say, I think there was something more here.

The question is: "who was he trying to contact?"

R.I.P (Adam) DJ AM may you sleep well and have peace.

Very poetic Bowman, but not nice. You're kicking dirt at people who only know how to kick dirt, but also enjoy talking about it, because it's their only outlet. Don't belittle them, they can change. 'kicking dirt' isn't terminology for anything


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