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Taylor Swift accepts Kanye West's apology


The fourth time, apparently, was the charm.

Kanye West phoned Taylor Swift this morning to express his regrets for hijacking her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, and the country star officially accepted his apology, Swift told ABC News Radio. "Kanye did call me, and he was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted his apology," Swift said to ABC's Andrea Dresdale.

For those keeping score at home, this was the fourth time West had apologized for stealing the microphone away from Swift and proclaiming that Beyoncé deserved the award for best female video. It was, however, the first time West had spoken with Swift since the incident. During an interview on "The View" this morning, Swift revealed that Kanye had not yet reached out to her.

The Sunday night incident has kept the media busy. Last night, a sullen West appeared on the debut of "The Jay Leno Show," and proclaimed that his VMA antics were "rude, period." It was a fortuitous booking for Leno, as West was originally scheduled simply to appear with Jay-Z, who has a new album to promote. West helped Leno get off to a smashing start in the ratings, as the talk show pulled in 17.7 million viewers and easily won its time slot, our sister blog Show Tracker reports. 

Fan response to Kanye's interruption of Swift has been vehemontly anti-West, at least judging by the comments still pouring into Pop & Hiss. More than 700 readers have responded, few defending West, and hundreds more comments remain unpublished due to objectional or offensive language and themes.

Pop stars have also spoken out against the artist. Pink went so far as to label West "a waste" on NBC's "Today Show" on Monday morning. Yet music history is filled with artists who have bounced from controversies far more severe than an acceptance speech takeover at an MTV awards show, and retailers such as Best Buy aren't anticpating any long-term sales damange to West's career

While West did tell Leno that he plans to take time off and analyze his actions, he does have a fall tour lined up with dance star Lady Gaga. Dates have been revealed at the industry trade publication Pollstar's website, and the pair are said to be playing Los Angeles on Nov. 16 at Staples Center. However, no on-sale information has been released, and the tour dates have yet to be publically confirmed by either camp. 

For her part, Swift is definitely not holding a grudge. When asked if things would be smooth between her and West in the future, she told ABC Radio, "Yeah, definitely."

Earlier on "The View," she spoke about what was going through her mind at the time of the incident. Swift said, "I think my overall thought process went something like, 'Wow, I can't believe I won. This is awesome. Don't trip and fall. I'm going to get to thank the fans. This is so cool. Oh, Kanye West is here. Cool haircut. What are you doing there? And then ouch. And then, I guess I'm not going to thank the fans.' "

--Todd Martens

Photo: Taylor Swift on "The View." Credit: ABC

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as much as what kanye did was rude, he does have issues below the surface. everyone keeps saying "he was drunk" but really the question is "why was he drunk?" ever since his mother passed, he hasn't been able to continually stay on a good path. he obviously needs help, but i think that this incident was the catalyst for him, the thing that makes him get help.
i hope kanye is ok; i'm sure taylor is fine, just a little shocked.

kayne west is an IDIOT. dont know how he becme a singer....his songs SUCKS...

I glad that this issue wrapped up in a nice little bow but I wonder the effects it'll have on Kanye's career?

Overall, I believe this issue will blow over. Meanwhile, RIDICULOUS situations like this should be addressed!



Kayne West is such a KNOB.
LAME. attention getter. bad move on his part.

Good, let's move on.

Can't help but speculate: If Taylor Swift was a "sister" of his, would Kayne West have generated the same behavior and demonstrated to the world the type of jackass he is?

FINALLY,LETS MOVE ON!!! this is whole thing wasnt that big of deal. Taylor accepted Kanye's apoligy, so everybody STOP HATING, and move on with ur life!!!

hi taylor i personaly think that what kanye did was not exceptable for his age and yes he has done alot of stupid things like say "Bush doesnt like black people" so it's not the first and you must be tough because i would have burst out in tears. i also thank Beyonce fr letting you say what you were gonna say and at 9 years old (me) i know that you are tough and strong and keep going. We all love you and thanks,
Megan M.

When I went to Coachella a few years ago, Kanye West was terrible and his set went long, ruining the set time and sound for the amazing Icelandic band Sigur Ros that came on after him. Kanye West was arrogant and not very talented. I would ask music lovers to not support him.

Kanye only made himself more stupid and unprofessional by his action. Many people would love to be in his shoes... but all he did was forget where he came from and only put down all that he has built for himself. He just lost more fans and people will continue to turn the other way. I surly don't feel sorry for this sucker.

Yes, it was extremely rude for Kanye to grab the mike from Taylor while telling the whole world that Beyonce deserved the award. Apparently he was drinking (which is no excuse); however, it was totally inappropriate. I give kudos to Taylor for her professionalism. I also want to point out that Beyonce was very very very gracious to Taylor and called her out when she won. Perhaps Kanye should take a little time off and come back down to earth and make some changes in his attitude. He is and has been grief stricken since losing his mother. His friends should have an intervention for him and rally around him to get back on track.

To Taylor Swift: You are a beautiful person and I am sure you felt really hurt when he did that. He was wrong and I am so happy to see that you publicly accepted his apology with such grace and class. You also got a lot of publicity out of that one.

And to Kanye haters: He is already feeling the pain he caused. Give him a break and let it go, Taylor Swift did.

To Kanye: Please don't pull anymore of these dumb stunts. You are a gifted artist. Perhaps you should re-group and get your s_it together. Peace!

Kanye West made a big mistake and the VMAs the other night. He hurt Taylor Swift feelings and took from her big moment that night. It truly is a sad situation for both parties. Kanye is steal coping with the grief of his mothers death. He is not dealing with it very well or not dealing with it a all. I think that is why his behavior has been so strange such, as hanging out with wild girls, and doing what he did at the VMAs. He needs to get some psychological help.

I think that Taylor Swift shows more maturity than Kayne West immature actions on Sunday. He had no right to go up on stage and insult her like that in front of the audience and viewers. I believe Taylor Swift is the better person in this situations because even after getting her feelings hurt she accepted the apology like an adult.

Well it appears as if the president's so-called off the record remark not worth repeating here sums it up. As to KW's boorish behavior at the MTV awards show. For those of his fans who care about him. It looks as if he is a train wreck about to happen. He needs to take off a few months get his head together and grieve for his late mom. Something that it appears he hasn't done yet.

im not a big fan of Kanye, but i think people are being way too dramatic about this, people get told off all the time, Taylor got over, so its time for everyone else to get over. Besides he didnt even say Beyonce should of won the award, he was simple stating HIS OPINION that HE liked Beyonces video more, besides Beyonce won video of the year so yeh technically her video was better than Taylors

I am a forty something white woman who has heard both artist, but not a big fan of either, so as I watched the MTV momemt with Kanye and Taylor I was stunned that he would insult Taylor. With all the fallout I thought he will get the message. I just watched Kanya on Leno and read that Kanya called Taylor to apologize and that she accepted it. I think it says alot about both. He made a rude mistake, but owned up to it and she has the grace to accept. That is about as good as it gets. I have said things that I regret and I have accepted apologies with out holding a grudge. There is so much more in life that we need to be outraged about and much more in life that we need to enjoy. My prayers are with both Taylor who will have a lifetime of moments and with Kanya who is a mess, but who I think is a good man at the core. Kanya, I am a mom and I would be ashamed of your MTV moment, but proud that you acknowledged you were wrong.

I am glad that this issue is finally over. The man has apologized and she has accepted. I mean, ain't nobody discussing the stupidity of Joe Wison and his antics.

just because his mother passed doesn't give him the right to act like a douchebag. to me that just shows how weak he is. bringing a bottle of alcohol is not how a grown man should cope with his problems. i am not a fan of taylor swift at all and i have nooo interest in her music, in fact i am a biggg hip hop person, but i am way for this chick's side and i just totally lost alll of my respect for kanye. definitely not wasting my money on that rude jack-ass.

In perspective. Someone I know buried their one month old son today. No indication of a problem. Kanye and Taylor will both be fine. Its probably great for Taylor and could potentially be good for Mr west also. But..... Someone I know buried their one month old son today. What is really important?

Yes, Kanye was such a jerk and I know his people told him to apologize to Taylor. I was so upset, but here is my view on it. I don't agree with Kanye using VMA to do what he did, however I am so sick of this teenagers with no talents Miley Cyrus point taken, Taylor is talented and so cute,I am not talking about her, but please can't this freaking media take Miley away who insulted Radiohead and take Jonas brothers away!! I am really serious!!! I can't stand Miley and I can't believe parents actually buy into this. I flat out told my son this Hannah Montana has no talent. Believe it or not I am very music educated!!! I can't stand when people like J Lo and Miley freaking make millions and somewhere in a club their are 100% better talent. Well I guess looks is everything. I beg take her away!!!

Now I do agree that what Kanye did was wrong and uncalled for but he is a talented artist and Kanye has always been a man to speak what he belives sometimes that can b good and others bad. Taylor Swift deserved the award and Beyonce is also deserving of the award but she didnt. So if you gone dog Kanye and ruin his career for a mistake he made thats fine but everybody makes mistakes we just gotta let it go!!!!

I was appalled by the behavior of Kanye West. Taylor Swift won the award; period. What I viewed was the behavior of a spoiled, jerk, with absolutely no manners or self control, who was a bad sport when his "team" lost.
Sure, he apologized, but let's be honest, any child will say "I'm sorry," when he realizes he just got caught. In my opinion, the fact that Taylor Swift accepted his apology, only proves; she's got class and he's still an ass.

People lose their parent(s) everyday and don't act out like this. It's not a valid excuse. His problem is that he is a narcissitic jerk that places little or no value on anyone other than himself. His mea culpa is nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage his image and his career. I'll not be wishing him luck in that endeavor.

kanye deserves to be blacklisted yea his mother died RIP, but he could have done so much to get her help, it was a cosmetic surgery that she could gone with out he is a want to be bad boy that needs to be blacklisted becasue of his temper/issues/tantrums. Taylor deserved to win and is an amazing idol in music today.

Kanye West is a complete and total idiot. For one thing, The voters voted Taylor in for best video, and the other thing is, Beyonce can definitely hold her own. She does not need any idiot jumping onstage for her. Beyonce's work is a thousand times better that the swill West puts out. Stick a fork in him folks. He is done.

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