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No more mystery: Kanye, Gaga unveil tour dates, $45 tour membership


Apologies have been accepted and talk shows received their ratings boosts. Now everyone appears ready to go back to making money.

Concert promoter Live Nation officially unveiled the tour dates for Kanye West's co-headlining trek with Lady Gaga, which will include two Los Angeles-area appearances. Dubbed the "Fame Kills" tour, the trek will hit the Honda Center in Anaheim on Nov. 15 and the Staples Center downtown on Nov. 16.

The tour dates were unveiled on the website for industry trade Pollstar earlier this week, but in the wake of West's MTV Video Music Awards appearance, which practically caused a national crisis, reps for both artists and tour promoter Live Nation refused to confirm the tour's existence.

The parties involved went so far as to strike the tour from the Ticketmaster database, removing dates that were to initially go on sale on Sept. 16. A "no comment" was offered rather than an explanation (really, fans, Live Nation loves you).

But all mysteries were put to rest this morning. Now, rather than debate West's award show antics, fans can instead discuss the merits of the presale protocols for the "Fame Kills" tour. Presale tickets for most markets, including the two Southland dates, will be available Sept. 22.

For $45, fans will have the right to then purchase tickets before the general public, including VIP passes, which will surely push three figures. Early reports had the cost of tickets ranging from $39.50 to $250. If true, the ability to gain access before the riffraff will cost more than some tickets. 

However, fans will receive a T-shirt. Kanye/Gaga completists who want to hit both L.A.-area dates should skip the fan club, however. The $45 purchase only gives you the right to buy tickets to "one show per membership year," according to the website for the "Fame Kills" tour. Hey, what do you expect for an extra $45? 

On the flip side, there is a free membership option, but Pop & Hiss has no idea why it exists. After signing up, we received this message: "Currently, free memberships offer no benefits, but we'll keep you posted if this changes."

General on-sales begin Sept. 26.

--Todd Martens

Photo, top left: Kanye West. Credit: EPA
Photo, top right: Lady Gaga. Credit: Getty Images

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What a liar!!!!!!!! He said he was taking time off to work on himself and become a better person. {rolls eyes} same ol same ol - this JackA$$ will NEVER change. LOSER!

@sierra night tide

Maybe you should take a calm down the tour doesn't start til November 10 which is like 7 weeks from now. How much time off should he talk? She he poll idiots like you to see how much time they deem appropriate? Not to mention that this tour has been in the works since early August so it may not be that simple to cancel 34 tour dates at the last moment after people have spent tons of time and money to make it happen.

I'm boycotting no offense to Gaga...

Gaga's gonna lose alot of money from touring with this douche.

actually, the membership allows 4 tickets per year. so you could get 2 tickets to 2 shows. or 1 ticket to 4 shows if you're feeling particularly industrious.

i can NOT believe i have to give Kanye money in order to see GaGa! but i gotta do what i gotta do.


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