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Nine Inch Nails fans celebrate 10th anniversary of 'The Fragile'


Today is a holiday of sorts in the Twitter universe. Happy "The Fragile" Day!

Nine Inch Nails fans are reminiscing about the 10-year anniversary of the band's two-disc record  "The Fragile."

Using a Twitter convention called a hashtag -- that is, a search term preceded by a pound sign -- "#TheFragile" became a top-trending topic of chatter on the social network.

Due to a mix of devotion and Web savvy among fans, Nine Inch Nails is one of the few acts that can peak on Twitter's most-talked-about list with any regularity.

Others in their company are Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers -- dubious company, to say the least. (Though, it would make a pretty easy game of "which of these doesn't belong.")

On the band's own Twitter-like iPhone app for posting short, location-tagged updates, fans are buzzing about the anniversary. User TenMileSky writes, "I hope everyone is reppin a NIN shirt today."

Shortly after "The Fragile's" release on Sept. 21, 1999, the album received a bundle of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many critics loved the grandiose hit  "The Day the World Went Away," which the band revived recently on its farewell tour.

But not every writer was enamored with frontman Trent Reznor's third studio album. Indie pulse-keepers Pitchfork gave the record a biting two-out-of-10 rating and an equally brutal review. That particular wound is apparently still stinging some fans.

Twitter user IHateCrayons wrote, "Obviously, that Pitchfork reviewer made a typo when he gave #thefragile 2/10, and meant to give it 20/10."

Despite indefinitely ending touring for the band almost two weeks ago, Reznor says he will continue to make music under the 20-year-old moniker.

-- Mark Milian

Follow my random thoughts on rock music and technology on Twitter @markmilian.

Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

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I hate it when ignorant people snark about the Jonas. Some of us like the Jonases AND NIN, and many other things. Clueless.

NIN still rocks! The Fragile has stood the test of time - It could be released today and be huge! sorta reminds me of Milktoast Intolerant http://www.MiltoastIntolerant.com

NIN still rocks! The Fragile really has stood the test of time. If it were released today it would be a HUGE seller. The album kind of reminds me of Milktoasr Intolerant (Google them)

Later in the day, Trent chimed in about The Fragile from the official NIN Twitter account, and announced plans for an "ULTIMATE" re-issue next year!


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