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Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift


Before the MTV Video Music Awards even came to an end, rap star Kanye West had taken to his blog and issued an ALL-CAPS apology to country star Taylor Swift and her mother. "I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would've said," Kanye wrote in his explanation for interrupting Swift's VMA win.

Moments after Swift won the MTV VMA for best female video for "You Belong With Me,"  West appeared onstage and interrupted her speech. Swift was in the midst of talking about the difficulty country artists face in crossing over on MTV when West declared that the award should have gone to Beyoncé for her "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." 

Throughout the remainder of the night, the VMA crowd at New York's Radio City Music Hall let West hear it, booing loudly anytime his name was mentioned. Pink, a performer on the telecast, took to her Twitter, and blasted Kanye -- its R-rated language prevents us from linking to it. 


West apparently didn't stay to see the awards through, and wrote on his blog that he watched the rest of the show "at the crib." "I'm sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom," West wrote. He also took a moment to praise Swift, and wrote that he likes "the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she's in the bleachers."

He continued, "I'm in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!" He added that Beyoncé's video remains "the best of the decade," and he apologized to his fans for letting them down.

West also tried to explain his reasons for interrupting Swift. He wrote: "Everybody wanna boooo me but I'm a fan of real pop cuture!!! ... I gave my awards to OutKast when they deserved it over me ... that's what it is." At the 2007 BET Awards, West attempted to give his trophy to OutKast's Big Boi and rap act UGK for their "International Player's Anthem."

Swift eventually did get a chance to give her acceptance speech. When Beyoncé won video of the year, she gracefully noted that she'd had her share of award-show moments, and called Swift back onstage.

This wasn't the first time West has had an award show outburst. He interrupted the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards when he lost to Simian and claimed his clip should have won. In 2005, West noted that he would "have a problem" if he didn't win the Grammy for album of the year. He didn't win.

Shortly after posting his apology to Swift, West took a moment to commend tennis star Serena Williams, who also came under criticism this weekend in New York for an outburst at the U.S. Open.

--Todd Martens

Top photo: Kanye West and Taylor Swift / Associated Press
Middle photo:
Screenshot of Kanye West's apology.

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Kanye you're an idiot. I'm not taking anything away from you, but you're an idiot. That's just what it is, ok? I'm real. And you're a real idiot.

He did not get his fish sticks before the show... that's the only reason I can think of...

Kanye is right. Look at the past winners- Aaliyah, Madonna, Tina Turner, Beyonce herself and Britney Spears..Taylor doesn't even compare. She's like a donkey who gets lapped twice in a race of mighty horses. Im Sorry who would vote for a clip about popularity at a stupid high school, which has been done a million times, over the sheer greatness of 'single ladies' which is new and modern. For all i see, Kanye did us justice.

Hate to break it to ya Kanye, but cha just ain't that great. Personally I think you're an ass. What a foolish thing you have done. Who do you think you are?
Important.... ? I think not.

he was wronq what he did
but taylor isn't 17, she's 19 about to be 20...
so stop makinq her seem like a helpless child
she was disrespected
but in the end, its up to her to accept his apoloqy not anyone elses...

You may say who cares, but Taylor Swift sets an example to many of our young girls. A great example at that. Americans look for hope in this time of need and our children need positive role models to gear their attention away from the mess the adults made. Kanya is a real ass, and I hope he is never invited to an award show EVER! Music is part of America, just as is the economic situation. It is who we are, so you should care, everyone!!!!!

nothing but social suicide. the little respect i had left for the miserable excuse for a human being just collapsed on itself. honestly, kanye, what were you thinking? she's an up and coming young artist. you're an adult. start acting like one. i'm sure you lost a lot of fans tonight, myself included.

His apologies r so fake just like he is fake fake and I lost respect for kanye and no matter how good his music can be he is a lowlife that his cockiness came to high and forgot where he really came from u really can buy class and kanye is a good example

That, I have to say, is no apology at all! You say that you are sorry but go on to say that Beyonce was still the best and also, that you gave up your award to another group that deserved it over you and that's how it should be. If that is your apology then its a half an assed one and your just as stuck up and as much of a prick as people say you are. Your apology should not be accepted by anyone especially Taylor. Show some class and grow up. She deserved it over Beyonce and the polls showed. Shes a talented artist and she rightfully deserves that award over all other nominees.

Dear Mr. West, To ruin this young woman's moment for which she worked so hard is unforgivable. SO WHAT if you disagree with her award I'm sure plenty of people have disagreed with the awards YOU'VE won yet have not rushed on stage during your acceptance speeches to steal your thunder. She will never get this moment back; you've destroyed it for her. Why do you even attend these award shows if you have no respect for the outcome? STAY HOME, THEN. You truly need to seek out professional help, no rational person would behave as you did tonight. We played your song "Stronger" at my daughter's birthday party last night. I'm ashamed of that now.

This is not an apology!! He still insinuates that Beyonce should have won, and makes it seem like Taylor should have been willing to give her award to Beyonce, who Kanye believes is more deserving. Also the comment about her lyrics seemed like he was mocking her, and not complimenting her.
The fact that this guy has more money than I will ever make in my life, and he writes and speaks like an uneducated idiot, is exactly what is wrong with this country.

kanye west beyonce is good at what she does but; she is not the best in the worl. people act like she has to get an award everytime but im glad she turned it around and let taylor have the light again b/c it kind of made me not like Bey b/c of the company she keeps. im so tired of her, yae, rih, and jay z u people are never satisifed


This apology isn't even genuine, we all know he was told to do it plus he's making excuses for his behavior while trying to apologize! Come on! the world does not revolve around you! You stole a great moment in her life that will forever be ruined. I'm a Beyonce fan too, but you to see me acting like a damn fool because she didn’t win a friggin award! Grow the hell up and start acting like a real man who doesn’t throw mindless temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way…and you wonder why people don’t like you!

Props to Lady B for recognizing Taylor!

Wow. That's really rude. I'm not a big fan of either of them, but Taylor at least had the right to give her acceptance speech without that monster bursting onto the scene to tell her she didn't deserve it. He needs to think before he does stuff, seriously.

kanye lost all of my respect!!! he shouldn't of done that to taylor
i mean its her first vma award give the girl a break!!
i know he apologized and everything but i mean he did wat he did
and you could right away see it in taylor's face that he realy hurt her and tottaly
ruined her moment!!!

I think its funny how only people that wanna talk trash comment on this. But you guys gotta have trust, the man is trying to appologize, give him a chance. Things get crazy on crazy nights like that and he was just speaking out for his friend who he thought deserved the award. If you really think about it, it might be rude but after all hes just sharing his opinion

Kanye should be kicked off the Jay Leno Premier tonight and replaced with Taylor. He does not even deserve the stage to apologize.
Everybody should go to the message board on The Jay Leno Show at http://boards.nbc.com/nbc/index.php?showtopic=828622&st=0&gopid=4080581&#entry4080581
Jay please do not validate Kanye by giving him a stage. He is a piece of trash and needs to be taught a lesson once and for all.

Kanye West, shut up man, you're just a gay fish!

It's time for cool headed executives to make hard decisions at these major television studios regarding Kanye West. Kanye needs to be banned from live tv broadcasts. His behavior is unacceptable, rude, abusive, cruel and downright hurtful. I hope his fans see what they are supporting. If record sales crash, maybe then he'll get the message.

While I don't feel his actions on stage were acceptable and were said at the wrong place and time, I do feel he is intitled to his opinion. I personally feel Taylor should not have won, in fact none of the nominees should have won. M.I.A.'s Paper Planes should have been nominated and should have won. If I had to choose, Beyonce was the best from who was nominated, but Taylor won and thats that.

Kanye should have let her have her moment and written on his blog that he thought Beyonce should have won.

Anyways, this seems like MTV may have been up to it also for some publicity.

First of all that apology wasn't sincere. It was a way for him to reiterate what he was trying to say during the outburst at the award show and also draw more attention to himself. He claims to be "just being real" which has turned into the biggest cliche when someone says or does something completely classless.

Kanye always thinks that he has something important to say and he usually decides to say it at the most inappropriate times. With his riches and influence, if he really wanted to make a difference in the world (other than recording and performing club hits) he could do countless other things besides having immature outbursts at award shows. I'm not even a Taylor Swift fan and could care less who won the award. However, I have seen Kanye pull his self-righteous crybaby routine before. And for what? some opinion about who should win an award or the direction of the hip-hop genre. Get over yourself Kanye.

Jerk. Go away.

I like some of his music, but I never want to see or listen to him again. The guy needs to grow up and learn some class. Let me be 'real' here too, Kanye, you have no class and you just lost a lot of fans.

Kanye, your wrong on so many levels for this grade shool tirade. You need to do more than just apologize. Man up and take responisbility for your actions. Always knew u were outspoken and unpredictable. But I thought you had better character. You lost a lot of fans today.

I heard that Kanye would have talked longer, but he realized the mic wasn't Auto-Tuned.

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