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Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift


Before the MTV Video Music Awards even came to an end, rap star Kanye West had taken to his blog and issued an ALL-CAPS apology to country star Taylor Swift and her mother. "I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would've said," Kanye wrote in his explanation for interrupting Swift's VMA win.

Moments after Swift won the MTV VMA for best female video for "You Belong With Me,"  West appeared onstage and interrupted her speech. Swift was in the midst of talking about the difficulty country artists face in crossing over on MTV when West declared that the award should have gone to Beyoncé for her "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." 

Throughout the remainder of the night, the VMA crowd at New York's Radio City Music Hall let West hear it, booing loudly anytime his name was mentioned. Pink, a performer on the telecast, took to her Twitter, and blasted Kanye -- its R-rated language prevents us from linking to it. 


West apparently didn't stay to see the awards through, and wrote on his blog that he watched the rest of the show "at the crib." "I'm sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom," West wrote. He also took a moment to praise Swift, and wrote that he likes "the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she's in the bleachers."

He continued, "I'm in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!" He added that Beyoncé's video remains "the best of the decade," and he apologized to his fans for letting them down.

West also tried to explain his reasons for interrupting Swift. He wrote: "Everybody wanna boooo me but I'm a fan of real pop cuture!!! ... I gave my awards to OutKast when they deserved it over me ... that's what it is." At the 2007 BET Awards, West attempted to give his trophy to OutKast's Big Boi and rap act UGK for their "International Player's Anthem."

Swift eventually did get a chance to give her acceptance speech. When Beyoncé won video of the year, she gracefully noted that she'd had her share of award-show moments, and called Swift back onstage.

This wasn't the first time West has had an award show outburst. He interrupted the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards when he lost to Simian and claimed his clip should have won. In 2005, West noted that he would "have a problem" if he didn't win the Grammy for album of the year. He didn't win.

Shortly after posting his apology to Swift, West took a moment to commend tennis star Serena Williams, who also came under criticism this weekend in New York for an outburst at the U.S. Open.

--Todd Martens

Top photo: Kanye West and Taylor Swift / Associated Press
Middle photo:
Screenshot of Kanye West's apology.

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kanye west shoulden't do that because Taylor Swift is a very great singer and she has the best videos. So that was rude of him.

When I saw Kayne jump on stage, I was thinking the poor guy is still reeling from his mom's sudden death. Those of you who have not lost a parent don't know what he is going through, or how that can put the most stable person on a downward spiral. He has apoligized so now leave him alone. My heart goes out to him. The media has become a collective lynch mob, instead of reporting on the government lying to us and leading us to war,they are more interested in tearing celeberties down!! You should get back to your jobs of reporting the truth on the important issues. God knows we have enough of those!!

Kanye was incredibly rude. It was ridiculous. If Beyonce deserved that award, she would have won it. Taylor worked really hard and everyone loves her, so she got the award. She deserved it. Taylor Swift is a very sweet girl and Kanye had no right to ruin her moment. The only reason he apologized is because everyone started thinking poorly of him after that. He's just trying to save his own ass. He's not really sorry. He only cares about himself. He doesn't realize how much affect that had on everyone. He has tons of fans that are also Taylor Swift fans and will stop listening to him because of this. I am. Taylor is way better than him and way better than Beyonce.

What a complete Loser!!

Kanye, you have no respect for anyone! I can not believe that you would disrespect Taylor, and ruin her moment because you are such a self centered human being. I will never listen to your music or listen to any radio station that plays your music. Then you get on Jay Leno and blame it on your mothers death, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Could you really not think of a better excuse to come up with, when we are born the only thing that we are guaranteed in life is that we will die. So get over it love your mom yes, but count your blessings while your driving fancy cars, and living in nice homes, others are starving and have no home. Oh by the way when I was pregnant with my daughter I threw up everytime I heard your music... if that tells you anything! Find a new career

if u ask me u dnt apologize then be like but its becuz of this and that.....thats not a real apology to me its like somebody made him do it and this isnt his 1st outburst and that behavior 4rm him isnt unfamilia....im sure he do feel bad a lil bit but to me this apology is crap and does nt show any remorse whatsoever!!!!!
my respect 4 kanye is out the window, if he dnt make another record my ipod will still be boomin without his songs baby....best believe that!!!!

Kanye is a whiny little punk who thinks everyone should "think" (or absense there of) like him. His Mama should smack him for that one! Sounds like he's got a mental disorder.

How pathetic. He does not feel one ounce of regret for doing what he did. His apology is not sincere. He deserves NOTHING. I hope his career is OVER! There is a reason he has not won any awards for himself...his own attitude! You're going down dude. He can thank himself every night for making an A** out of himself. What a joke! What a LOSER!

Honestly the whole kanye west thing is very disrespectful. you just don't do that to someone. taylor Swift could have really gotten her feelings hurt and not to mention the humiliation of someone practically saying " she deserves the award, not you!" i hope she is seeing this well and being optimistic after all she did get the award for the best video. and that apology he made even on the "Jay Leno show", i just didn't buy it. he's very arrogant in my opinion

Here's my thoughts... Am I the only one that thinks he needs to apologize for that apology? Really, included in the "apology" are the following quotes:

"Beyonce’s video was the best of this decade!!!"
"Welcome to the real world!!!!"
"Everybody wanna booooo me but I’m a fan of real pop culture!!!"
"I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me… That’s what it is!!!!"

Sorry, but that seems worse than the original act. As God as my witness, I will never spend another penny on Kanye's music!

Kanye is a pathetic moron. He should spend some of his millions by taking a course in "class" - one thing he does not have.

His apology doesn't mean much. Atleast to me, it doesn't! He did what he felt needed to be done and said. Showing to the world of just how much he thinks everyone else and their feelings are insignificant to his own. He had to know that what he did and what he said would (if nothing else) hurt the young ladies feelings that he took the mic away from, yet he STILL felt it necessary to say and do. He is a narcissistic man and he defintely needs help. Sometimes we all have to consider the feelings of others before we say and do alot of things. He does not use this rule in his life.....his apology means nothing to me and I think I speak for alot of other people. Those that are close to him such as family, friends, girlfriends (Amber Rose) should step up to the plate and tell him that you demand that he seek treatment for whatever is eating away at him. A person that doesn't give a damn about you won't care and won't try to help you. Let's just sit back and see who is gonna try to help this man. Real friends or family? Hmmmm, I wonder....

Much Respek

I thought it was a joke at first but her face said it all. That was so rude.

Kenya west is rude and stubbern. That was Taylors momment not his! He knew what he did was not Nice at all! Beyonce was the one that brung Taylor back up and cared for her because Kenya was tring to be funny or what ever,disturbing Taylor like that!

Kanye you should'n be allowed to show your face at an award show,you have no respect for nobody!Stupid brainless!

Kanye is a loser

I don’t think he has one bit of regret for what he has done. He is only concerned about himself and not that poor girl whose moment he stole. He is only in fear of the possibility of decline in his career and that’s it.

I don't believe this guy’s apology for a minute - what a waste of space

Kanye West was just dropped from Rockafella Records after the "Jackass Move" at the VMA's. Jay-Z later commented "Kanye needs to worry about his own girl and back up off mine" We will have more information as the story unfolds. youtube.com/honkytonkkids

the guys an jacka&&. Nuff said, those who still respect him to buy his albums, then it's your money to waste, 20 years from now, you'll be kicking yourself for buying into his has been life. Trash is always going to be trash and if he just said it to his best friend, then it's just his oppinion, but jump on stage and tell the world. well, you're just a jacka&& without an education in class. keeping it real? O please, your real just got worse jacka&&

One more thing, keep trying to spin it, your PR people are trying to teach you some class, sadly, it's going to be way too late to save yourself. Only those who are blinded by your music will buy your records, and those who do, I don't want to dance next to in the club.

At your age, you just wrote your own history and it's not pretty. When people look back at you, you will be the one they're laughing at. Hope you feel the pain with each snicker, people do not forget, you'll always be considered the loser no matter how many albums you sell and it was all done by your own stupid acts of random that got you there, Again.

It's not even about who should've won anymore. Kanye's opinion is his opinion. Maybe Beyonce should've won. It's irrelevant. What he did showed no class and his apology was bogus. As someone who likes all types of music, I WAS a fan of Kanye's. No more.

take less into consideration that kanye west was being a douchebag and instead praise beyonce for what she did.

Never let a stupid person drank before going on stage. period!!! It doesn't matter whether he is black, white, yellow or green he will act stupid!!!! Kanye is the perfect example of that. Drank, went on stage and act stupid and disgusting!!!! I wonder why his so called "girl friend" let him drink during a special event like that? I think both Kanye and his girl friend are stupid!!!!

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