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Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift


Before the MTV Video Music Awards even came to an end, rap star Kanye West had taken to his blog and issued an ALL-CAPS apology to country star Taylor Swift and her mother. "I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would've said," Kanye wrote in his explanation for interrupting Swift's VMA win.

Moments after Swift won the MTV VMA for best female video for "You Belong With Me,"  West appeared onstage and interrupted her speech. Swift was in the midst of talking about the difficulty country artists face in crossing over on MTV when West declared that the award should have gone to Beyoncé for her "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." 

Throughout the remainder of the night, the VMA crowd at New York's Radio City Music Hall let West hear it, booing loudly anytime his name was mentioned. Pink, a performer on the telecast, took to her Twitter, and blasted Kanye -- its R-rated language prevents us from linking to it. 


West apparently didn't stay to see the awards through, and wrote on his blog that he watched the rest of the show "at the crib." "I'm sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom," West wrote. He also took a moment to praise Swift, and wrote that he likes "the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she's in the bleachers."

He continued, "I'm in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!" He added that Beyoncé's video remains "the best of the decade," and he apologized to his fans for letting them down.

West also tried to explain his reasons for interrupting Swift. He wrote: "Everybody wanna boooo me but I'm a fan of real pop cuture!!! ... I gave my awards to OutKast when they deserved it over me ... that's what it is." At the 2007 BET Awards, West attempted to give his trophy to OutKast's Big Boi and rap act UGK for their "International Player's Anthem."

Swift eventually did get a chance to give her acceptance speech. When Beyoncé won video of the year, she gracefully noted that she'd had her share of award-show moments, and called Swift back onstage.

This wasn't the first time West has had an award show outburst. He interrupted the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards when he lost to Simian and claimed his clip should have won. In 2005, West noted that he would "have a problem" if he didn't win the Grammy for album of the year. He didn't win.

Shortly after posting his apology to Swift, West took a moment to commend tennis star Serena Williams, who also came under criticism this weekend in New York for an outburst at the U.S. Open.

--Todd Martens

Top photo: Kanye West and Taylor Swift / Associated Press
Middle photo:
Screenshot of Kanye West's apology.

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I will never listen to Kayne West again... MTV should never allow him anywhere again. He is not "Real"... How low!

Simply shameful. You insulted her in public. I will stop listening to your music Mr. West, talent is no talent without humility.

Yeezy just told it like it was.
That's it.

Kanye was not only in the wrong, but fails to whole heartedly apologize in repeatedly pushing his point. The public's opinion obviously varies from his and he has no right to speak out in such a fashion !!! Protest all Kanye West Music...he is not an artist...he has an agenda that need not be heard.

Mr. Martens please get you facts straight because if you watch the MTV's VMA live like the rest of America, you would have known that Beyonce was nominated for Best Female Artist Award. Had it ever occur to you that MTV might have removed Beyonce's name from the nominee roaster to ignite more controversy? Why not write about Lady Gaga performance glorifying suicide and winning the Best New Artist Award?

BEYONCE deserved that award. yes, kanye may've been wrong for attacking taylor. the time, place and situation was completely wrong BUT kanye was absolutely right. i barely hear taylor swift. i personally can't stand her scratchy vocals and her songs don't inspire me in anyway. beyonce has touched and inspired MILLIONS of people in the world. "single ladies" remains a hit until this day! taylor didn't deserve what she received from kanye BUT she definetly didn't deserve that award either. kanye is the KING in my personal opinion. boo him, but he spoke up and remained blunt about it. you can't credit many people in this world for that, bcuz they hide behind their teeth. lady gaga or beyonce should've received the award, period!

Who does he think he is?

Even when he's trying to apologize to save his own ass he can't do it right. If you Mom could see you now, she'd go back in time and swallow.

It doesn't matter if he apologizes or not;what he did was wrong. The way people view him is definitely going to change. He should have used his brains before talking but apparently he doesn't have any.

What a hood, pick on a young female because your spoiled and pis.... Go join Chris Brown and beat up some more females

Kanye - you seem to think you are the voice of the future. You are not only not very talented, but you have most definitely secured yourself as a racist. Whether you are black, white, or brown - when you act out the way you did you are nothing but a racist. If a white person did what you did, the reaction would be much more of a criminal act. You do nothing for your race. I say this as a minority. Don't let my last name fool you. You make me sick. What an injustice you made worse for black Americans. You should apologize to them too. But I guess your ego would prevent you from doing this. Shame on you.

Idiot.. thats a half@$$ sorry and he knows it. And Beyonce got the biggest award of the night... its the one over all vma genres. And he acted like a jerk... and still is. His apology is bullcrap. I used to like him...now, I hope he loses all his fans. He needs to have respect for people, and coming up on the stage and taking away Taylors FIRST VMA moment was ridiculous.....

Dear Kanye,

You suck.

the end.

Kenye you got me fuming if that was my daughter I would have jumped on staged and ripped your head off ass

Why is Kanye West allowed to run around and do these things? He needs some kind of psychiatric treatment. Who cares about your personal opinion, they are Award Shows not "Kayne West Shows". I personally believe Kanye needs to get over his Holier-than-thou self and slowly fall out of the public eye, He is a HACK and he knows it, he does this for the attention , im sure Beyonce' didn't ask Mr. West to defend her, HOW MANY AWARDS HAS SHE WON?!?!?!?!......

what an idiot. I have never bought a kayne west or however you spell his name cd and NEVER EVER WILL!

Kanye is not so real as he puts it...he is ignorant and rude and unprofessional.....above all that he is superficial and over-rated...soon I hope not rated at all! Loser.

Kanye apologizes for running onstage and stealing the moment from a 17 year old girl. That's true rapper style - singing about being tuff and being real. You are a real punk! You proved it by stealing the moment from a 17 year old girl! Why don't you write a song about it and how tuff and real you are for that. Write me if you would like a cage match against a 52 year old man. C'mon Mr Real Rapper! Or would ike me to find a girl for you to fight to build your tough guy resume.

he was speaking his mind and i agree with kanye why sould he aplogize

Kanye is still a boss, people r talking about him. Good or bad it's publicity, which I don't think people realize. He's getting his name out there. If some country music fans or other music fans didn't know kanye west, they do now.

This was not an apology!

Kanye's just a gay fish. I'm tired of this guy apologizing

lmao...kanye kanye kanye..pftt sheeesh what an attention
seeking idiot! Kanye's music over the years has improved
however it never ceases to amaze me how he ever so often
finds a way to remind everyone just what a bi-polar idiot
he truley is. lol. Cant take a dude like that anywhere
i'm sure.

who cares??????????????????????????????????????????????????? honestly. wake up to the world around you, you pathetic, vacuous little wastes of air and water!!!!! we are in a state of emergency. "pop culture" is distracting you from reality. thousands of kids starve everyday and you want to bi*ch about kanye. morons. you are the reason the human race is doomed.

Why is everyone hating on Kanye? He's just speaking his mind. Can't blame him for that. Let's be honest, Beyonce's video was better then Taylor Swifts.

K west is retarded. he obviously has some issues that nobody cares about. his music is cool but his rap and lyrics suck balls. Yo K, stick to producing! know when to sit down and shut the F up!!

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