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The line is forming at Jack White's pop-up store


Chau Tu over at our Brand X blog walked over to Jack White's pop-up record store -- conveniently located near the Pop & Hiss HQ here in downtown Los Angeles -- and found a line beginning to form. White's Dead Weather is in town for two shows, one tonight at the Wiltern and one Wednesday at the Mayan. Tu spoke with some of the early arrivals.

Here's an excerpt:

Vannessa Calderon, 19, of Whittier, said she showed up last night but with no one around decided to come back this morning at 8. Clad in a yellow nearly matching the store's paint job (which corresponds with Third Man Records' primary color motif), she's the first in line.

Just after noon, however, she found company with two fellow White enthusiasts. Jack Waskiewicz, 30, of Seattle, and Christine Wood, 18, of Eugene, Ore., met each other at the Dead Weather show in Portland, Ore., on Sunday. And Monday afternoon, they got in a van with Wood's mother (a White fan herself) and drove straight with no sleep about 17 hours (they said they were too exhausted to count anymore), driving right up to the store.

"It's his motivation," said Waskiewicz of what he admires about White.  "Even with this economy and everything, it's giving me something to look forward to."  In the past, Waskiewicz has gone as far as New York and Texas to see White perform, but he still contends, with tired, amazed eyes, that this trip was one of the craziest decisions he’s ever made.  "I mean, I got into this car with strangers!"

Even if you can’t make it into the Third Man Records’ tiny space for the Dead Weather performance Wednesday, the store will be open until Friday, with DJ sets and, we’re assured by Third Man Records staff, a few surprises every day

Read more at Brand X. Dead Weather will play an in-store at the pop-up shop Wednesday at noon. It's first-come, first-serve. Look for the yellow school-bus paint taking over the Regent Theater at 448 S. Main St., near the intersection with 4th Street.

-- Todd Martens

Photo: Chau Tu

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I'm from Detroit and I heard in a recent Brendan Benson interview that he and others moved out of Detroit due to security concerns (mainly their equipment was repeatedly being stolen). That is very sad, because Jack White, Brendan Benson and others are huge talents that we would love to claim for our own.

Wow! - both the text and photo. You're multi- talented.
Bryan told me about this about 20 mins ago when calling from NYC.
I read a review of Dead Weather a few weeks ago and see that White to an extent plays background (demurs) to the female singer.
Keep up the good work.
Regards and best wishes.

I just got back from seeing them at the Wiltern, and it was INCREDIBLE! I was amazed at how much their setlist had transformed from their earlier shows in which they just played the songs from the album (and pretty much note for note at that), to one that included quite a bit of new material and a lot of improvisation. Beyond that, there was not a single weak point in the performance--every song rocked as hard as the last, but it never became redundant. I don't think I will ever see another concert as amazing as this one in my entire life!

Yay! :) It was a cool show - worth the wait. Thanks.


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