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Mariah Carey bets on nostalgia, covering Foreigner

Perhaps realizing that the focus should be less on Mariah Carey's feud with Eminem and a bit more on the pop diva, more hints were dropped today about the singer's upcoming "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel." The ad-supported album, which was originally set for Aug. 25, is now due to be released Sept. 29.

The second single from Carey's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" will apparently be a cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" (perhaps tackling "Don't Stop Believing" would have been a too-obvious choice of pandering). The news was first reported by Roger Friedman, and his article has since been posted on Carey's official website

This isn't the first time Carey has covered an '80s ballad -- see her take on "I Still Believe" above. The latter gave Carey yet another top 10 hit, a status that has thus far eluded her "Obsessed." But it's far from a tanker, as the song is holding steady at No. 14.

Additionally, Nielsen SoundScan reports that the single has sold 383,000 downloads to date. The tally isn't bad for a song that's only been available for about a month, but it's not showing the kind of initial numbers her "Touch My Body" displayed last spring. The latter sold 286,000 downloads in its debut week, and shot to No. 1.

If anything, tackling a well-known power ballad seems like a safe choice. It's a comfortable fall-back plan after "Obsessed" performed well, but did far from blockbuster numbers. It will undoubtedly be a hit, but it's giving me more reason to fear "Imperfect Angel." The sort-of-real/sort-of-not feud with Eminem seemed largely a ploy to keep Carey in the headlines, and covering Foreigner seems just as calculated to steer Carey back onto familiar ground. Pop & Hiss awaits to be proven wrong.

-- Todd Martens

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I love her music. The best voice in the business

What a hack - I thought she wrote all her songs, why do they keep propping up this has been

Steve- You obviously don't know what a "has been" is considering the fact that Mariah is still around and still very much a viable and prolific artist, and the fact that Mariah has done several covers would prove she does not write "all" of her material, but a vast majority are original or colabos. Did your boyfriend break up with you?, ya sounding a bit bitter.


It's all good! It's an interesting turn(the cover)...got my attention. Anyway, don't be so critical. I can appreciate the effort.

Go Mimi! Go tell us what love really is!

can't wait to get a copy of Mariah Carey's MOAIA

its sounding better and better with each new review!

I think it's noteworthy to note that "Obsessed" has already peaked at #11 (and now holding steady at #14 in its 5th week) with virtually no promotion at all.

I do hope "I want to know what love is" achieves the same success (or more!) that "Without you," "I'll be there," and "I still believe" did.


Miriah is washed up

Steve- She did write all her songs. I Want To Know What Love Is is not an original Mariah Carey song, it is a cover of Foreigner.
I'm really anticipating this album and hope that Obsessed and all the other singles can become huge hits.

I've noticed that Obsessed is just now getting real airplay and getting around. Hear it on my favorite station. Called a business in Santa Barbara and heard it in the background. Someone opened a car door and Obsessed was playing. I kid you not.

but this cover will probably be overshadowed cos nobody can deliver the intensity like Foreigner did.
Loved Foreigner just becouse this song.....I don't wanna hear Mariah scream like a strangled goat.


She can't sing like she used to. She flopped with her first single so now they are saying it's not her first single. Yeah, right. You keep dreaming, Mooriah.

Covering Foreigner is right up her alley. She should cover Come on Eileen next.

what the heck, mariah forget about the critics, the whole world can tel that mariah angela carey is the best seling recording artist. i became a fan at age 14 and i never can stop. her songs go straight through my entire soul. mariah your a born diva, i cant wait for the album to be released, its gona be released on my 18th birthday.

whenever i am down, i know exactly what to cheer me up, i would just put in a mariah cd and my worries are gone, yes you can say i am obssessed with Mariah carey and i just cant stop.........................her songs make me cry, critics are trying to get mariah down but it wont work, not now not ever, and i'm planing to go to america to meet mariah carey in person very soon, keep mariah,

I'm very excited for the song from Mariah "I want to know what love is".....she is like no-other artsit out there, and she still has it! She' is untouchable.

it jus OK for me ...im not sure it will be in top 10 100 billboard

Im not really into mariah carey, I live ballads and stuff. But this is blowing my mind of. I definitely think this song is worth it. Well done. I really really really like it

Obsessed is moving up the charts slowly and will be in the top 10 in Thursday's Billboard magazine. Pretty amazing that after 20 years in the business the girl is still pumping out hits! I guess real talent and real ability will always be a big seller. Let's see if Britney can last 20 years.

Ok, just heard Mariah's version of I Want To Know What Love Is. It has #1 written all over it. A beautiful cover of a beautiful song. She still has it!


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