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Album review: Reba McEntire's 'Keep on Loving You'

Reba_keep_on_loving_you_240 Things are tough out there for women: working women, single women, married women, lonely women, abandoned women. But they've all got Reba, the Oprah of country music (and billed first-name only here), to turn to for a word of wisdom, comfort, advice or some down-home common sense.

The Oklahoma-born singer-turned-actress, 54, has an uncanny way of staying connected to longtime fans and bringing new ones aboard. It can't hurt that she's kept herself plenty visible in recent years on television, on Broadway and on concert stages, while musically she reaches out on each album with songs for pretty much every one of those aforementioned constituencies.

Over the course of the album the messages get a bit mixed: in "Consider Me Gone," she sings of cutting losses and moving ahead quickly when the passion has left a relationship; then in "I Keep on Loving You," the recommendation is patience and forgiveness for a partner who missteps time after time; in the sinister "Maggie Creek Road," it's serious payback time for one pistol-packin' mama who's scarred but not scared.

Some tunes feel chosen more for their music video potential than for what they add to McEntire's considerable musical legacy. She spends most of the time in the country-pop-rock end of the musical spectrum she helped map out in the '80s. It is, however, a delight to hear her return to her Western swing roots in the closing track, "I'll Have What She's Having," because she has the requisite rhythmic spring down to her marrow.

It's admirable that McEntire can stay current, but even more impressive when she sounds so joyfully timeless.

-- Randy Lewis

Reba McEntire
"Keep on Loving You"
Two and a half stars
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Couldn't help but listen to Reba's latest. Reba is definitely well-known in many categories of entertainment and other industries, and music is her forte. Her new album portrays her ability to not only sing a song, but convey the storyteller's every emotion in its lyrics. The album is truly a masterpiece. Each song in her new album is a story and Reba is a raconteur who gives each track and every lyric a crystal-clear image. Just Reba's zeal to continue to sing for her fans and herself is motivation to find out exactly what will come next!

I'm a huge Reba fan & really like all her music. Having said that I do know when she releases an album that's not as radio friendly. This new disk is FULL of radio hits. Unlike Reba's other albums, 'Keep On Loving You' is mostly up-temp toe tappin' country dance songs. It's her best release by far & will put her back on top of the radio charts again. Great Job Reba!

Reba's new albumn Keep On Loving You is her BEST yet:) Reba is "SIMPLY THE BEST"!!!!

This is one of Reba's best CD ever. I wouldn't say her very best, but it's in the top 5 of her career. Of course one of my favorites in this new CD is "Strange". But as I have listened to all the songs many times over. I have to say "Maggie Creek Road" is a fantastic song, it really showcases Reba's ability to paint a picture, telling this story, it'll make a great video! I also enjoy "She's Turning 50 Today" & "Nothing To Lose". There is not ONE bad song on this CD. Whether you're a fan of Reb'as or not, there's something here for everyone who loves good country music!

the song keep on loveing you is a song i can relate to.i have been married for 2 years and have 4 kids,and untell i heard this song i felt like giveing up on my marrage.but this song has changed my mind so thank you.


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