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Whitney Houston releases 'I Look to You' for free, sets sights on Grammy


With Mariah Carey's album pushed back until Sept. 15, the path to the Grammy for best pop vocal album should be relatively clear for Whitney Houston. The artist's comeback effort, "I Look to You," has been bumped to Aug. 31 from Sept. 1, a 24-hour difference that will now make the artist eligible for Grammy consideration.

The artist's official website credits buzz from recent listening events in New York and Los Angeles for the bump. But the holiday sales jump that will greet the album when Grammy nominations are unveiled in early December probably didn't make it a too-difficult decision for Arista Records.

Meanwhile, the R. Kelly-penned title track has been released today as a free download. It's the second ballad from the album to make its way to the Web, after an earlier leak of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength." You can go to Houston's site to trade your e-mail information for a song.

Friends of ours who attended the Whitney listening events gave us positive reports, but we're going to need to hear much more than these big, over-produced end-credit ballads to be sold. Of course, "I Look to You" will probably sound swell at any weddings you attend in 2011, and that's largely a credit to Whitney.

She makes cringe-worthy lyrics ("winter storms have come and darkened my sun") sound like the most important Hallmark card ever written.Yet when all is said and done, the song fails to leave much of a lasting impression. Just when Whitney seems to power the song to another level -- breaking from the verse for a brief, energy-rising "oh yeah" -- the band and backing singers fail to rise to the occasion. Instead, we get a swipe of orchestral synths, resulting it an inoffensive slow dance, but little more.

Take a listen and judge for yourself.

-- Todd Martens

Photo: EPA

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I'm a big Whitney fan, but lyrics and production aside, she doesn't sound like Whitney Houston. Of course, I don't expect her to sound like 20 years ago, but if I heard this without knowing who the artist was, I would never guess that it was Whitney Houston.

I downloaded the song I look to you and I have to be very honest, for I really like Whitney but this song is far from remarkable, as it is said here, this song does not leave an everlasting impression or willingliness to keep on listening to it.

Her voice sounds so harshed and graspy, honestly not bad but not good.

She has to do something to get her voice back to the way that it was.


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