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Madonna gets her greatest hits groove on with 'Celebration'


Madonna's upcoming single was leaked online today, in advance of her fall hits collection "Celebration." The latter won't be released until the end of September, but for now, fans can sample a club-ready song from the effort, one that feels and sounds like an effective reboot of Madonna's late '80s hits.

The title track was co-produced by Madonna and electronic artist and long-time Madonna pal remixer Paul Oakenfold. The cut pretty much delivers what the title implies. It's slightly less Euro than latter-day Madonna dance-cuts such as "Hung Up," and a little less obsessed with tapping the producer-of-the-moment-styles of "Hard Candy." The end result is a song that falls somewhere in between, focusing on highly energetic synth-pop groove, yet isn't as inventive as either of the referenced works.

As a throwaway, midsummer dance pop number, it works. It's definitely a cut that nods to Madonna's '80s disco roots, and would fit comfortably on a hits collection packed between "Vogue" and "Ray of Light." A speak-sing bridge gives the song a little bit of an edge, and allows Madonna to flex some personality -- goofing that she doesn't recognize her dance partner without clothes on.

"Celebration" feels as if it has modest goals, at least by Madonna's standards. Even when it gets a bit risque (see above paragraph), silliness rules the day. She invites us "to the dance of life," and coasts over the chorus. "Celebration" the greatest-hits album will close the book on Madonna's Warner Bros. career, and "Celebration" the song is an effective look back, a gliding, reassuring number that she hasn't forgotten her beginning. But rather than instill a sense of nostalgia, everything feels a bit obligatory. The sound of an artist, hopefully, ready for the next chapter.

Listen below. [UPDATE: The video has been removed. We'll post an official clip whenever it becomes available, although plenty of unsanctioned versions still exist.]

-- Todd Martens

Photo credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times

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Another vapid pop song from the most overrated and undertalented performer of the modern age. She doesn't need any more press. The woman is boring, and so *over.*

Booo Todd! This is meant as a bookend to 'Holiday.' It's meant to be fun and a club track. The beats are infectious and it harkens to a bunch of different dance sounds of the past decade. It's not as "simple" as you think. You should take that into account...

I get booed for that? I think I was relatively nice. But I think "a bookend to 'Holiday'" supports my argument :)

Nevertheless, thanks for reading Greg, and thank ye for the comment.


Stop piracy. This is not a work of vapidity. This song is a celebration of the dance floor. There is definitely nothing wrong with dancing. STOP PIRACY! Rather, let us bombard iTunes and amazon.com come AUGUST 3!!!!!!!!!!

vegasgirl, undertalented and overrated??? hard to stay on top for 25 years if you're both of these things....and yet you felt the need to comment??

If you don't want the girl to have more press stay outta here!!

I'd hardly call this song a "throwaway" track. "Holiday" and "Into the Groove" are similar, feel-good dance anthems and they have stood the test of time. Why should this great club track be any different?

It's Fun! Happy! It's Madonna! I love it.

ahhh yes!!! another Madonna collection. i hope this one has everything from "music" to "hard candy" albums. great job madge. i hope this is the last one she's doing or is she going on and on? never can tell.

madonna is over? what are you talking about? at 50 she was able to ink a 120 million dollar deal with live nation! she has the 5 BIGGEST SELLING TOURS of all time. sticky and sweet is earnings damn millions all over the world;she's coming out with a children's book,2 concert dvds,the filth and wisdom and i am because we are dvds. who can match that? while others arejust busy themselves with comeback albums and carrier singles (soso singles) madonna has outdone all of them in terms of lucrative deals,ticket sales, sheer output and staying power!!!

I absolutely adore this new single from Madonna. I mean come on, the Queen of Pop Dance and Culture has landed....

4.5 out of 5.

Absolutely a happy and danceable song appropiate for these times....
Lets Go to Celebrate, one of the Greatest is gone we have to enjoy the other one...
Long Live to The Queen

Can reviewers of Madonna's music say something else other than that Madonna is going back to her roots (or rebooting as is the case in this review)? Madonna, in all of her incarnations, has remained an artist devoted to making us dance. Celebration, although very light at heart, is true Madonna all the way.

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