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Celebrities twitter about Michael Jackson's memorial service

The Michael Jackson memorial this morning at Staples Center brought in the stars, with performances from Mariah Carey, Usher, Stevie Wonder and more. Additionally, celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal and Brooke Shields shared their thoughts on the fallen pop icon at the event.  

But what about Ryan Seacrest and Alyssa Milano? Artists and celebs who didn't take to the Staples Center stage this morning still had an outlet to share their thoughts: Twitter. A sampling below.








Alyssa-milano-on-michael-ja Ryan-seacrest-on-michael-jackson


Dj-am-on-michael-jackson Diddy-on-michael-jackson Paula-abdul-on-michael-jack Kim-kardashian-on-michael-j Jordin-on-michael-jackson

Can't get enough of the celebrity tweets? If you recall two weeks ago we reported on celebs using Twitter to share their sorrow for the fallen pop star. Meanwhile feel free to peruse all of the Michael Jackson coverage on Pop & Hiss over the last few weeks. It's been a wild time of huge record sales, mysteries, and speculation.

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I watched from 3 am in Australia and cried all the way through. So much more emotional than I expected. A soldier for peace and a tireless worker for the underprivileged. Michael, the beautiful soul will be missed but your legacy will live on. Long reign King Michael.

It has been a very touching memorial. I personally loved Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields, Smokey Robinson, Marlon Jackson and Stevie Wonder incredible performance most than anything else (I found Usher quite fake, but that's just me, I know he felt all he did and MJ, I'm no doubting it).
Great Jennifer Hudson and that small kid from Uk truly blew me away. Loved also John Mayer guitar (it's the reason why I keep thinkin he's great, the music he can perform, cos as singer he's overrated and as person... well, he's a douche...). Overall it was amazing.
I cried when Paris spoke. I didn't expect it. I didn't expect I'd cry.
MJ music makes him a legend, to me a biggest one than Elvis and Frank, because he was the total entertainer package, but with songs to bust him in the stratosphere. And he broke down the racial barriers that were so huge while he started (as Magic and Kobe noted, aptly).
Rest in soft, golden peace Michael. Your legacy will be shining forever.

MY Son started dancing to Mj when he was 3.. he totally got him immediately.. little kids got him that's what i noticed at the time. so i was very aware f the damage that was done to him with the those accusations.
I felt someone or ones wanted to stop him from reaching the world.. and having the powerful immediate effect he had.. they tried to shut him up.. so in Michael's name I'm promising not to let the medias scandalous opinions effect the way i see the world.
they get get us in and out of war. they can get us to like or dislike whom they please. when their opinions aren't any more valid than any one else s probably worse because they are beholden to their bosses

My english isn`t so good bit I hope it´s okay...

I wished I would wake up and everything was only one very very bad dream, it is still unfathomable for me. You will be by your music and our hearts always on our side, you were such an affectionate man, it acted blow to see how monetary-cool people have put out you such to judicial tortures, however, these people will receive her punishment by God sometime
Rest in peace and gives to other angels your smile. I wish all persons those you something has signified a lot of strength and faith in this heavy time. We will never forget you, you have taught us a lot about the world and social behaviour.

Your children are wonderful and I hope one protects them furthermore against the general public, as well as once you have done it.

R.I.P little angel MJ

I was crying the whole time i was watching the memorial service of Michael Jackson. A lot of people have persecuted Michael for years but they didnt know how good a human being he was, how good a father he was to his children. Long live Michael in our hearts! He is truly a Good Samaritan.....there will never be anybody like him.


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