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The final word on Eminem/Bruno: It was staged, writes head writer


Reader comments are still pouring in regarding Sacha Baron Cohen's in-your-face crash-landing on Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, with a debate still raging as to whether or not Eminem was in on the joke. "Mr. Show With Bob and David" writing vet Scott Aukerman has thankfully cleared up the issue -- and stole a bit of thunder from MTV in the process.

He writes on his Tumblr:

Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged. That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way.  They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.  Okay, you can stop reading this blog now!

But you shouldn't, as Aukerman provides a nice behind-the-scenes account of working with Andy Samberg and Akiva Shaffer, who tapped Aukerman to be their head writer for the MTV Movie Awards. He details an opening that was scrapped at the last minute, as well as the challenge of bringing Samberg's sketch-heavy comedy stylings to the MTV Movie Awards.

Feel free to pass doubt on trusting social-networking sites on the Web. But Pop & Hiss is using this as our moment to tip our hat to Cohen, Eminen and the entire writing team for offering a much-discussed bit, and moving on from discussing/debating the award show bit.

-- Todd Martens

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Thats just the "Real" Slim Shady tring to save "Face" !!!

I know we'd all love to put a stop to all the "Sascha B.C. is a genius"-talk BUT the latest version of the blog no longer includes the reference you "journalists" cite. So much for journalistic integrity. Why don't you eat you eels and move to London, gov'na!

Hi JoeyChurchs. Thank you for the comment. Yep, Scott Aukerman has updated his blog and his Twitter, and it no longer contains mentions of the Eminem bit. Sorry about that. That's not something we have any control over, but this also isn't anything we're going to launch an investigation into.

... Having worked twice in L.A. for "Billboard Magazine" (17-yrs. there, Vegas-&-the Bflo./Rochester, NY markets) as well as two premiere PR firms, there's NOTHING that's NOT "staged" in Hollweird. EXCEPT OJ's murder of 2 REAL people!!!

How come nobody guesses somewhere in the middle of two sides - that it was mostly planned, but that Eminem didn't realize it would go so far? Why is this 'debate' so polarized?

I knew the Eminem/Sascha bit was staged simply for the fact that Sascha was still Alive the next day. It was an awesome idea!

who cares?

Wow, thanks for the response to my comment. I wish I could become an LA Times staff writer so I could quote blogs that offer no proof or verification. Imagine the possibilities! I could basically write fiction as truth. Then, it could be quoted verbatim on other sites like HuffPo and the rumor could go even FARTHER without being "needlessly" verified, a phone call perhaps (?). Jayson Blair, my hero! These blogs are such a great source of stories i.e. rumor.

And there's no Santa Claus either. Show business, folks. It was designed to get attention and it did. And yet people are somehow surprised it was faked?

His blog entry has since been DELETED!
Maybe his announcement was "staged" SCANDAL!

JoeyChurches: So one blog mentions another blog, and then latter blog updates some posts... And then you whine about it? You got a polite explaination, despite your bitchy comment. This isn't the Warren Report; it's fun blog pop-culture stuff and you should relax. Obviously you're a bright fellow (Not only knowing who Jayson Blair is, but spelling his name correctly!) so stop playing dumb/angry and enjoy yourself a little more. Or at least shut up.

The entertainment section of the printed media has its own entertainment section.

How fun.

I'm sorry but until I hear it directly from Eminem or Cohen, I'm not gonna believe a head writer that this was planned -- I honestly think he is just trying to save face for Eminem.

1. Why was Zac Efron's award messed up?

2. Why did someone twitter who was at the show that he was really mad?

3. Cohen's MO is to take people by surprise, not tell them in advance.

4. Why would Eminem want to portray himself as a homophobic jerk?

I'm not buying it -- why is only the headwriter speaking about it?

Eminem a willing participant in a self-deprecating joke? 69ing another Bruno especially when its common knowledge that it would be watched ad infinitum on the web, sorry I don't buy the fully planned participation story.

I score it for positive publicity:

Sacha Baron - 1

Eminem - 0

Billions: Even though you fool yourself, your conscience will be mine.

" Cohen's MO is to take people by surprise, not tell them in advance."

Not always, The scene where he tried to kidnap Pamela Anderson was obviously staged.They are all Entertainers trying to grab headlines to promote themselves.

I think it was staged, and when the writer let us in on the gag, the suits told him to shut up. That way Em can pretend he wasn't in on it and he doesn't look gay. I'm sure this will do wonders to promote his album and Cohen's movie.

i still don't believe eminem was in on it. there was no real confirmation on that.
staged so that bruno would land on eminem and rehearsed it - of course!
staged as in eminem knowing about it and was in on the rehersal - not sure.

I wonder if the scene will be edited into the Bruno movie....?

It was staged by SBC but eminem was not in on it, I assure you.

When SBC pranks people they are not pre warned, otherwise it does not work.

You don't seem to know very much about hollywood showbiz. Many of the scenes in SBC's movie borat was staged where everybody was in on it (Which you can see, because of really bad acting) Now i know some of the scene's wasn't staged, like in many of his Ali G Show's. But the head writer admitted that it was staged concerning Eminem/Bruno, if someone would know, he would, it's quite obvious it was staged. Follow my links above.

Reasons why you don't wan't it to be staged, either you found it very funny and don't wan't to see the truth because that would ruin it for you, or you hate eminem and felt satisfaction when you saw it, or you are a very big fan of eminem and can't accept the fact that he become more mature and not a homophobe any more, and the fact that he can look these ridiculous prejudice in the eyes, make fun of it and make himself look a fool for having these, scares you, because you only looked up to him, because he was on the same child level as you are and you therefore feeled you could be like him, or maybe you are just incredible stupid and don't know how showbiz works.

Why would the head writer for the show admit it, if it wasn't true. Why would he try to save face for eminem, why would he care. If any one should care, it would be MTV themself, but since they haven't made a public statement, it could mean that they don't wan't the truth to come out just yet, because of the major publicity this stunt has made. That's also why neither Eminem or SBC have made any public statement about it yet.

"Really people? Some of you actually fell for this?! Did the fact that cameras were focusing on Eminem while Bruno was early in his descension from the ceiling AND the fact that he was miked for sound not give that away to you

Philip Odegard (Founder, ODEGARD Media, Inc.), one of the MTV Award Show Guest's, stated "While the act was very compelling and appeared un-scripted on Eminem and crew's behalf, prior the the seating at the award show, Eminem and Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) rehearsed the act several times." Odegard continues with his first hand claim stating, "Come on, do you really think MTV would really put a popular artist such as Eminem on the spike during a nationally syndicated television broadcast?, Anyone notice Eminem was already pre-mic'd as they captured his audio reactions when Sacha fell into his lap?" Philip Odegard went on to mention, "I was told they offered the bit to Paris Hilton, but she oddly declined."

Sources close to MTV and Sacha Baron Cohen claim that the infamous stunt on the show between Eminem and the Bruno star was staged, with Eminem's consent and participation. The sources confirm rampant speculation that the rapper simply must have known that the comedian, dressed in a thong and angel's wings as his flamboyantly gay alter ego Bruno, would fall from a high-wire harness onto the rapper's lap and straddle his face"

People have their own opinions, I support Eminem all the way.
Best of all, David.

i dont think he was in on it. He looked so clueless up there when everything was going on.

I always gain respect when artists are cool enough to play jokes like that and make fun of themselves a bit. Great show Eminem, whether it was staged or not!

I don't care what anyone says, I love Eminem and I am not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen (except his work in Sweeny Todd, which was fabulous). Thus, I hope it was staged, because as we all know, Eminem does not like to be made fun of. I streamed this video on my phone and there must have been some sort of virus on the link because I had to get it fixed at a cell phone repair shop, so be careful!

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