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A diva returns: New Whitney Houston album this year

It’s been six years since pop’s preeminent diva, Whitney Houston, last set foot in a recording studio. But according to a release issued by her record label Arista on Thursday, “The wait is over.” Houston will release an as-yet untitled new album on Sept. 1.

Exploding into the public consciousness with her self-titled debut LP in 1985, Houston has recorded such era-defining smash hits as “Saving All My Love for You” and “I Will Always Love You.” And her singles, albums and videos have combined to sell more than 170 million copies worldwide. In the last decade, however, Houston became notorious for her erratic behavior chronicled on the reality show focused around her ex-husband, “Being Bobby Brown.” 

In February, Houston’s mentor, Clive Davis, announced that the multiple Grammy-winning singer was ready for her comeback. “The same way her debut album took some time to put together, you don’t just do it by going to a computer. You wait for the material to justify a new album,” he told MTV News. “Pretty much, it’s come in.”

-- Chris Lee

Photo: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press
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I'm glad she's making a come back. I love this womans voice. She's talented, beautiful and awesome.

Whitney Houston is pop’s preeminent diva???.

It is suiting to welcome back Whitney Houston. But one could debate that she would still maintain such a moniker you have bestowed on her after several mishaps?

Lower expectations and let her audience be pleasantly surprised rather than another run up the hype machine manufactured by Clive Davis.

I thank God for her. I have been saddened by her silence but I'm happy she is coming back. Kindly take it easy with her. We do not want her to have any relapse.

She's always going to be ma favorite artist-love her voice,love her looks and her personality.Cant wait till she comes back.

In order to have a relapse, one has to get clean to begin with. Ole Whit needs some serious drug rehab and drug rehab does not consist of 3 days or a week.

Here we are in 2009 and she has been coming back for years now. The eyes tell the tale and she can't hide those eyes no matter what she does.
How many years has she been on drugs? 15? 20? Shes washed up and they can botox her, fatten her up, prop her up, but until she gets clean forget it.


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