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Queen ready to give Adam Lambert a gig?


Throughout the eighth season of "American Idol," Adam Lambert has seemed to be auditioning for two roles. One, a Broadway star. The other? Fronting Queen.

It appears he may be getting his wish. According to Rolling Stone, Queen's guitarist Brian May says the surviving members of the group were thoroughly impressed with Lambert on this week's "American Idol" finale and are interested in working together in the future.

Queen reunited earlier this decade with Bad Company's Paul Rodgers at the helm, but Lambert has been channeling original Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury all season. The surviving members have noticed.

“Amongst all that furor, there wasn’t really a quiet moment to talk,” May told Rolling Stone. “But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point. It’s not like we, as Queen, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn’t that easy. But I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there.”

Queen's partnership with Rodgers ended earlier this year. Plenty of people in this building were bummed that Lambert didn't win "Idol," and others thought Lambert would be a better fit appearing in the Queen musical "We Will Rock You." So is Queen the next best stop for the budding rock star?

-Todd Martens

Photo: Adam Lambert performing with Queen. Credit: Fox

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Adam would be a big star, and he will truly rock and stand out in his future concerts and albums. What a superstar he is!

Adam , this is just the beginning of your iconic journey. AI was just the stepping stone towards the great things you will acheive! Adam Lambert- the Worlds Idol!!!



Maybe just for a couple of concerts, but I would rather Adam emerge as a huge star in his own right. He's totally capable of that.

Queen is kind of over the hill. Adam looked like a baby with them. Maybe Adam should
do his own thing, stick with something more current than old timers like Queen. He would probably be more successful doing something current. He has enough talent to make it on his own, especially now.

I don't know if Queen is worth! Just kidding. What better way to honour Freddie Mercury than to have Adam Lambert in the frontman role of Queen. I do believe Adam will be a star in his own right, and doesn't need any established band to catapult him into fame. But I think a Queen gig would be great mostly because I know Adam would find it such an honour! Love Adam Lambert - such a class act, a class Idol, and beautiful person from the inside and outside.

Adam Lambert would be the perfect replacement for Freddie Mercury. He has the vocals, charisma and stage presence and knows how to please the viewers. I would love that if he brought back Queen. It would be unbelievable that show.

Go for it Adam if you are asked. It would please your viewers alot. You are such a gifted artist and so was Freddie Mercury! Vocally, one of the best singers in history! Good luck to you Adam!

I read another article where Adam said he didn't want to revisit theatre again in the near future and wanted to solely focus on his solo recording career. So him doing a musical or fronting a band seems very unlikely at the moment. He also said he wanted to engage in a little music "genre bending" (I guess much like his gender bending persona) and didn't want to be pidgeon holed in a music box. I think him fronting Queen would solidify him being the "Freddie Mercury Incarnate" and forever being linked with Queen and not promote hin being the innovatieve solo artist known as Adam Lambert. That being said, I think it would be nice if he would "fill in" for Queen for a few gigs between now and the time his album drops! I'm sure it would be good Youtube fodder for his fans!

I don't know if it would be best for Adam, only he knows that, but it sure would make me a happy camper.


Adam Lambert is million times more talented than Kris, Danny is 1000 times more talented than Kris,

I have been a Queen fan since the 70's. Hell YEAH Adam Lambert.

If you mean by "work with Queen," he tours with them briefly, cool. But Adam wants and needs to pursue a solo career. He needs to focus on his album and world dominance.

I would like to see Adam do a few one off concerts with Queen as a special
guest but not permanently.........He needs to forge his own career as he has so much
talent and charisma to be a star in his own right............It all comes down to choosing the right type of music and producers to work with..............David Cook and David Archeleta have both come out with such bland, generic and mediocre records since leaving idol so I hope like hell he doesn't end up working with the same people............If he gets it right I think he will be a worldwide star unlike Kris who is about as exciting as watching paint dry and will be forever known as the Arkansas idol.

Love Queen, Love Adam. Together,Fantastic.

You were reading my mind. At my house that has been said many times throughout the season that Adam is as close to Freddie Mercury as we have heard in a long time. We are wondering if we will ever watch American Idol after this unbelievable robber of a young man that is obviously more talented then anyone who has graced the idol stage in all the years I have been watching. Adam deserved that win, but he can rest easy in knowing that if it were not a popularity contest that figures in your sexuality and the way you dress he would have been and in my opinion is the AMERICAN IDOL. I know ever week my wife and I tuned in just to hear what he would do next. America got it wrong, but Queen got it right.

first comment? sweet. that's so awesome for adam that things are working out already for him. im curious as to what he'll do now that he's off idol but hes smart and talented and he always surprizes us but it's always great so i support him in whatever he does. and he and queen rock!

Adam Lambert could front Any band. We haven't seen or heard this kind of raw talent in decades ! Anyone should feel honored to grace the same stage as a talent like him..someday he will be a music icon just as Simon Cowell predicted. Being second place on Idol may be a boost to his career..no contracts to fulfill with restrictions to his artistry.

Can't put my finger on it, but I feel there may be a connection between Freddie and Adam. Although Adam is no match for the iconic superstar, he could bring a whole new power to the original cast. Queen will never die, but let the legacy live on.......

Lambert has A LOT to learn before a great band like Queen hires him.

Freddie Mercury NEVER screeched.

Lambert ALWAYS does - it's like a crutch.

If he can learn to SING those notes instead, he'll be unreal. THAT is a guy who could join Queen.

But please Adam,

Lose the screeching and stick your tongue back in your mouth.
Unless you are on Broadway in "Hair", it's not needed and belies your inexperience.

Adam would be a great addition to Queen. I do think, however, he should also keep the option of recording separately. Adam will be successful in whatever course he takes.

Adam needs to do original work! Touring with Queen would be a learning experience, most definitely, but I see him as the next original. So I most definitely cannot wait to see if he produces a new album, because I will be the first in line for it.

Adam Lambert also didn't screech. Those notes that he could hit already made him unreal, and the fact that he could belt it out made his performance far stronger than anyone else's. In fact, no one had the ability to recreate that the entire competition. Danny Gokey is one such example. The fact is that he can sing those notes, and he has.

As adam's career just begins to grow into something huge, the last thing he should be doing is fronting a band of 65 year old men. They were then and he is now. Queen is legendary but Adam must be current and needs to find his own way and strike while the iron is hot. He is a mega talent , a super star and everybody is waiting impatiently to buy whatever he creates. He does not need Queen to fall back on. GO ADAM!!!

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