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Neil Young debuts 'Fork in the Road' tonight on MySpace

April 1, 2009 |  6:21 pm

Neil Young - Cough Up the Bucks

Well, tonight's the night: At the stroke of midnight, Neil Young will premiere his new album, "Fork in the Road," on MySpace. Fans of Young's guitar salvos can stream the entire album for free before it goes on shelves April 7.

The video for the single "Cough Up the Bucks" has already made the Internet rounds, perplexing bloggers with its possibly Don DeLillo-inspired scene in a limo. Shakey, reading a Wall Street Journal and dressed in a suit, mutters the chorus repeatedly into his cellphone. We can't be sure, but this might have a little something to do with Young's feelings about the automotive industry and the banking bailouts.

Young is currently in the process of transforming his lumbering 1959 Lincoln Continental into a showcase for green technology, which he's filming for an upcoming documentary, "Repowering the American Dream." He's also got a thing for model trains.

Despite social media trending towards Facebook and spry little Twitter, MySpace has been ramping up its premiere releases with recent advances from U2, Lily Allen and this creepy video from Depeche Mode that reminds us a little of Michael Mann's "Collateral." The website currently has 76 million total unique users in the U.S., as of comScore data from January 2009.

-- Margaret Wappler