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Coachella 2009 Day 3: Etienne de Crecy says goodbye from 'The Cube'

While Roni Size was closing the Outdoor stage with his live British space-jazz and the Cure was rolling passed the fest's designated midnight end time on the Main stage with old-school memories, hardcore European dance fans were flocking to the Sahara tent to see the debut of Etienne de Crécy’s new trick, “The Cube.”

De Crécy is a French dance producer who’s been making music since the mid-‘90s, but it’s his current high-tech stage show that’s made him the buzz of DJ culture and even earned comparisons to fellow French dance stars Daft Punk’s now legendary pyramid. There’s even something of a feud brewing with Saturday night headliners the Killers, who wanted the Cube design team EXYZT to build one for them. When the De Crécy collaborators politely declined, the Killers still showed up at the MTV Europe Music Awards with something eerily similar. Needless to say, De Crécy was none too pleased.

When De Crécy’s Cube did emerge to close out the Sahara tent for the weekend, it was not nearly as impressive as expected. The three-dimensional structure looks like a new wave update on the “Hollywood Squares” set, with De Crecy spinning tunes from the center square. The other squares boast hi-def video projections, which created a myriad of tripped-out images that moved in time with the music.

It was definitely far more entertaining that just watching a DJ play music. But after all of the buildup, much more was expected. Still, a large sea of dancers moved manically to De Crecy’s beats, as Coachella 2009 wound down to its final, waning moments. Point taken.

—Scott T. Sterling

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I'm not sure which Cube the unimpressed Scott Sterling was watching but it wasn't the one inside the Sahara tent. De Crecy's music and cube were stunning- and the roar from the crowd at the close was unlike anything I've ever heard.

scott, like the hollywood squares?! wow, this just went over your head, huh? you should have watched the cure then.

Well, it was impressive. But more impressive was the fact that the Cure played for more than an hour after "The Cube" had been turned off. In fact, the Cure kept playing after the PA had been turned off, the video screens turned off, the power had been cut.... there were Robert Smith and the drummer, refusing to let the epic weekend end without a fight. Way more impressive, and way more rock n roll.

This was the worst thing at Coachella. Purely amateur hour.
Youtubes of the Cube give the impression that it's made out of lights, but in person it is just a cheesy cheaply made PVC construction draped in bedsheets with a video projector showing boring images on top of it. And the music was boring, boring, boring.
I don't know who's c*ck this guy sucked to get a gig at Coachella but I left that show feeling pretty cheated.

If you weren't impressed with his set @ Coachella then you have poor taste in dance music. I've seen Daft Punk live from their pyramid and this was pretty close, visuals not as good but music was better. He rocked the crowd and was the talk of the show later that night. Seen well over 300 trance sets from top DJ's and this was one of my top 10.



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