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The Airborne Toxic Event make the move to Island Def Jam

March 4, 2009 |  7:50 pm

The Airborne Toxic Event, the L.A. quintet of Don DeLillo fans, have reported to Kevin Bronson's Buzz Bands blog that they are now signing a deal with major label Island Def Jam. This, after the poor kids were nearly smothered, speaking of toxic events, by Pitchfork's withering review of their self-titled debut. TATE answered back with their own bitter screed but they probably should've waited a few months -- success, afterall, is the sweetest revenge.

But, have the clouds really parted? With their indie label Majordormo, a division of Shout! Factory, TATE had breathing room to develop and maintain their darkly romantic sound. According to frontman Mikel Jollet, the band's expecting the same treatment from Island Def Jam, with blessings from Majordormo:

“They came to us and said ‘We want to give you 100% creative control.’ Majordomo has a really good stake in this thing — they were very much a partner. It’s a good situation for everyone involved.”

To paraphrase a droll line from the Smiths, one of TATE's idol bands, stop us if you've heard this one before. Not to be cynical, but as one astute commenter observes on Buzz Bands, other acts have been fed the '100% creative control' line, only to learn a hard lesson that's been learned by so many before them. Will TATE go the way of the Doves or Giant Drag -- or will they soar triumphant? The guess is yours.

--Margaret Wappler

Photo by Stefano Paltera/For The Times