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Michael Jackson sells out 50, sort of -- secondary market tix topping $4,000


Michael Jackson's recent proclamation that his planned shows in London will be his "final curtain call" are inspiring fast ticket sales. Hundreds of fans queued up this morning to buy tickets to the 50-date run, which is tabled to begin July 8, and the BBC reports that all 50 dates have sold out. Of course, that depends on your definition of "sold out."

First, the BBC writes that "more than a million tickets to see the veteran pop star have now been sold," adding that approximately 360,000 were sold to via a pre-sale. Jackson's "This is It!" string of dates will plant the "King of Pop" in London through February 2010. It's quite the bold undertaking for an artist who hasn't staged any substantial live performances in more than a decade and has been plagued by controversy for much of that time.

Of course, the "sell-outs" hardly means that tickets aren't available. Promoter AEG Live cut a deal with ticket reseller Viagogo, reports Billboard.biz. The magazine quotes AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips as saying that "a small percentage of the house every night" had been given to Viagogo.

There's still plenty of tix available, at least for those willing to pay. On the second night of the tour, you can get a pair for $4,217. The ticket prices on the secondary market drop substantially as the run continues, however. If you have faith that Jackson will perform all 50 of his dates (and why would anyone be skeptical?), then you can commit about $700 to see him in February 2010.

Oh, and Billboard also notes that Viagogo "did something really bad," according to AEG's Phillips. Apparently it sent out e-mails to other brokers around London, offering them packages at a discount. AEG is trying to put an end to that.

But why would Viagogo offer tickets to other secondary market sellers at a discount when it has the hottest ticket in London? Is it skeptical of Jackson's recent performance history? Check the fine print on its site:

6.8 All Sales are Final. All sales and bids are final. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges will be issued for date or time changes, partial performances, or lost tickets.

-- Todd Martens

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Photo: Fans in London line up to buy Jackson tickets. Credit: EPA

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you guys are a joke, mj sells out 50 concerts in no time even though he hasn't performed live in years. and you give him no credit at all. how many of todays so called artist will be able to do that when ther 50.

Michael Jackson sells out 50 concerts, breaks many records, and still have something negative to say? It figures...

this article is ridiculous, your trying to put a negative spin on the fact hes sold out 50 shows in under a day and saying that the fact his tickets are being sold on for thousands means he hasnt really sold his shows out. I don't know who you are but instead of trying to make everything michael jackson does a negative thing, why dont you bite the bullet and admit the man has sold out 50 shows and is an absolute music legend, the like of which has never been seen and will never be seen again.

i have followed michael from the start his is a great performer, artist went to all his concerts in england when he came over . I am devasted that i canot get a ticket for one of his shows with my son. have been trying for days to get a ticket .cant pay the prices people are asking. it is very dissapointing that people who really want to go can,t because of greed, very annoyed

Jackson is a joke! Scalpers snapped up those tickets - and they'll take a bath on them. Freak show will be cancelled, just like his sisters tour, because the building will be empty!

You are an idiot.

This article is an outrageous example of spin journalism. What will it take for you people to write even a neutral word about Michael Jackson? Even in the face of this unprecedented outpouring of emotion for him, you won't report the reality. Why is it so important for you to put him down?
Nearly one million people from 202 countries are headed for London to see him perform (and that after you and the likes of you have been degrading him for years) and you can't even have the common decency to acknowledge this simple fact. You should be ashamed.

This is a simple case of Jealousy at the fact that he isn't doing it in the U.S.A. In the U.K. the country where the press have been the worst to him over the years, couldn't be more positive at the moment. Which is basically the press showing respect for untouchable record breaking and the fact that he chose London to mark his comebasck.

WHO CARES what the definition of SOLD OUT is?!!!???!!! THE FACT of the matter is that this man, MICHAEL JACKSON, is more popular than YOU ever ever EVER EVER IMAGINED. OK...so what if he only sold out 360,000 tickets for ten shows....U DO THE MATH...that is AMAZING for sumone who has been labeled WASHED UP, OVER, DONE, KAPUT!!!! Please give respect where respect is due!!! He has been accussed of many many many many many things...but STILL C O M M A N D S Aaaaa HUGE FANBASE!!!

FRUM A Michael jackson HATER!!!!!

Well, surprise surprise, no wonder Michael has turned his back in the USA.

I am so stoked for Michael - these will be the best shows ever.
Even if he sits on a stool and sings all the songs - I will be happy...

So glad u decided to perform anywhere but USA - typical article from a USA based journo.

This is HIStory in the making - again.

I am so estatic for Michael... I can't wait for July 14th!

This perverted joke of an "entertainer" needs all the $$ he can get.....to pay off the lil boys he abuses!

He looks more like a bad drag queen or a horrible experiment gone wrong than someone I'd enjoy going to watch sing. I highly doubt he'll make it through anywhere near the number of concerts scheduled.

Hopefully the trail of bread crumbs leading back to the US will be long gone before he even thinks about returning.

amazingly funny! i thought this LATIMES was not tabloid, but it seems it's just worse! thank you for letting me know that nothing is reliable in it and that i shouldn't even bother to check any article in it! it's so funny that whoever wrote this article made a fool of himself! i'm sorry but i can't stop laughing and pitying the person who wrote this and would you be so kind please not to proclaim you are a journalist coz if you were, you should have had at least the decency to report facts and then make up what you make of them!
the tickets were sold out in hours, after two hours there was not a ticket left! the site had actuely crushed of the high demad and if you were trying to check how reliable is your article and tried to visit the site selling the tickets, you would have found out that you wouldn't be able even to get to the main page where the tickets are displayed, let alone try to get a ticket!
i have no idea why were you trying to trash this phenomena!
respect yourself and save people the headache by trying at least to be faithful to facts!
Michael Jackson is a legend and he made history not only once but really over and over again!
Michael, the media has totured you only because you are a very special and sensetive person! you are a legend in spirit and in actions! we are not that stupid to listen to made up stories and such articles like this one! the media think we are stuipd and keep manipulating us! i guess we are beginning to be far more aware! and thanks to articles like these, we know how false the media is because we, ourselves, tried to get tickets and we know the meaning of "sold out".
Michael, i won't say welcome "back" because you never were away and you were always present, i will say like you told us, "i will see you in July"

Lilian, 202 countries? Besides the fact that there are not over 200 countries in the world, what makes you think people from that many countries bought tickets for this tour?

Maria, maybe he knows people in the UK will accept a disfigured looking child molester.

This article stinks.....This is the reason he's not performing in the US..(Because of people like you) I was up for hours trying to get tickets...server kept going down time and time again.....i was getting frustrated my friends were getting frustrated and .....still there are thousands even millions of his fans out there who missed out on tickets (just like him having the world's best selling album and now the fastest ticket sales in history) BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!

Which is going to happen first? Is MJ's face going to melt under the concert lights? Or is his nose going to fall off? I wouldn't spend a cent to watch him perform.

Forget that this is about your hatred for MJ, this is the worst reporting I've ever read.


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