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L.A. band gets naked -- and noticed -- at SXSW

March 20, 2009 |  4:34 pm

Iglu & Hartly -- "In This City"

Congratulations to Echo Park-based smarm-rap duo Iglu & Hartly for pulling off the most difficult and coveted task at South by Southwest -- getting noticed by the media. However, your hometown would appreciate it if such a feat were due to your musicianship and stage presence, and not for dropping trou in a Hilton lounge and allegedly punching a security guard in the face in Austin, Texas, last night.

It's not the first time you have pulled such rowdy shenanigans, it seems. While we're typically in favor of any and all rock and roll excess in hotel lobbies, Pop & Hiss is unanimous in its belief that nobody in Iglu & Hartly needs to be getting naked in public, ever. These guys make Asher Roth seem like the GZA, and they should really think twice before throwing any punches in the future. So, thank you, Michael Anderson Jarvis (currently facing a charge of felony assault on a public servant with bail set at $7,500, according to the Austin-American Statesman), and Samuel Martin (it's unknown whether he's been arrested or charged with anything yet) for making the mortgage broker convention scene in "Borat" look like an accurate summation of L.A.'s music scene.

-- August Brown

(Thanks to Idolator for the tip)