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Kelly Clarkson's 'All I Ever Wanted' leaks early. Thanks, Apple?


So much for that carefully orchestrated release plan.

Kelly Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" has hit the Web in advance of its March 10 release date, and the culprit? Apple's iTunes store, according to this report in Rolling Stone.

The website for the magazine notes that it was the Norway division of Apple's iTunes music service. An Apple spokesperson has yet to respond, but Rolling Stone provided this screen grab of the Norwegian iTunes store as proof, and reported that the file was encoded via iTunes.

Once serviced to retailers, keeping an album under wraps is a near impossibility. While "All I Ever Wanted" is not yet available to preview via any U.S. retailers or officially sanctioned sites, Rolling Stone notes that the Norwegian site was hosting 30-second audio clips when fans realized the album could be purchased.

Idolator has already posted a one-listen verdict, noting: "It's a fun collection of pop tracks that's carried in large part by Clarkson's endlessly rootable personality and (slightly sweetened, but still undeniable) pipes." But the RIAA would be pleased to know that download restrictions here at Pop & Hiss HQ prevent the album from being obtained.

The leak comes near the end of what has been a drawn-out marketing plan, even by major label standards. Begining in late December, trinkets regarding "All I Ever Wanted" have been gradually making it out to the media. Over the next few weeks, the unveiling of Clarkson's single, title, art and lyrics were all treated as mini events.

If the iTunes leak is indeed true, it appears to be the second semi-legit leak of a major album this week. Earlier today, news spread that the leak of U2's "No Line on the Horizon" was the result of the Australian arm of the Universal Music Group.

Forbes posted a detailed story, and wondered if the move would ultimately be a "colossal blunder" or a "marketing ploy." The band took advantage of the Web chatter on the album and today made it officially available for streaming via MySpace. Look for Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" to appear on some sort of official channel soon.

-- Todd Martens

Photo credit: Getty Images

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I already listened to all of her new songs on YouTube, all of her new songs were already posted. That must have sucked! poor Kelly! I'll still buy her album though!

It is refreshing to see a well-rounded take on this Kelly Clarkson leak. The intriguing aspect of these “mistakes” is that you hardly hear of an album being leaked that ends up being a total flop. Ms. Clarkson’s last album was highly anticipated as well, but there were no problems in its distribution. I wonder if this has anything to do with the content in that album. The previous album “My December” turned out to be a disappointment on several levels – Kelly wanted to take more artistic freedom, she had a semi-falling-out with Clive Davis over the direction of her music, and the hype was all around her. Yet, with all of the media attention before the release of her previous album, no early circulation or major leak occurred. Since “All I Ever Wanted” has made it around the internet this past week, the reviews are extremely positive – a stark contrast to the first weeks of her previous album’s reactions. Having heard the album in its entirety on YouTube, it’s definitely apparent that her music has essentially taken a U-turn and embraced 2004’s “Breakaway” rock/pop vibe. Another important fact you talk about are the album’s “mini events” that took place over the past few weeks when little snippets of information were released. It is difficult to know exactly how the whole release process is planned and executed, but thus far, it seems that this leak has sparked a very positive reaction with her fans. The music is refreshing, new but familiar, and more mainstream – all aspects that were lacking in her previous album. If this was all one big accident, which I remain skeptical that this was indeed an error, Kelly Clarkson and her label should milk it for everything its worth before the official release date on March 10th. Her 1st single already made history on the Billboard chart – jumping from practically last to #1 in a mere week. Positive reviews by the listening public before an album is released can only fuel the hype and make music-lovers that much more interested.

I hope it helps sales more than hurts. I'm a big Kelly fan and loved My December. I couldn't believe when a friend emailed me and said he a copy of All I Ever Wanted. I know both he and I will buy it on the 10th, because we believe in supporting the artists we want to continue to create music for us to enjoy, I just hope others are like-minded.


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