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Michael Jackson sued by 'Thriller' director John Landis


A day after the announcement that the Nederlander Organization has acquired rights to produce a musical version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" comes legal uncertainty for fans looking forward to a Broadway-style version of the epochal 1983 "Dawn of the Dead" meets "Soul Train" music video.

Turns out that the 14-minute mini-film's director and co-writer John Landis -- the movie comedy maestro behind "Animal House," "The Blues Brothers" and "An American Werewolf in London" -- filed court papers last Wednesday suing Jackson's company, Optimum Productions, for breach of contract. (You can see them reprinted here courtesy of thewrap.com.) At issue: Landis alleges that the King of Pop has been bilking him out of profits from "Thriller" and its accompanying "making of" documentary since 2005.

Among the complaint's accusations:

* That Jackson/Optimum Productions concealed profits made from "Thriller" and the documentary

* That Jackson failed to pay Landis his fare share -- 50% of the video and documentary's net profits as stipulated by a 1983 contract -- over the last four years

* "fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct" toward Landis by Jackson and his minions

Confounding matters, no legal representative for Jackson has come forward so far. But a mysterious Angeleno physician named Tohme Tohme (seriously, you can't make this stuff up) "appears to have taken charge of the singer's business and legal affairs" says The Wrap.

-- Chris Lee

Photo credit: MJJ Productions

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I think you mean "fair share" . . .

It's those minions you have to watch out for. Wonder if Landis will filet 'em?

It's 'fair share' not 'fare share' ... the former would describe an equitable division of property, the latter would describe one's portion of a taxi ride bill.

Maybe Landis can give the money to Vic Morrow's kids, Myca Dinh Le's family and Renee Shin-Yi Chen's family.
Greedy, greedy, greedy maggot.
Remember yelling "Lower, lower, lower" to that chopper pilot John?
A filthy, dirty, greedy pig that should have seen the inside of a jail for 15 years.

When is all this crap about Michael Jackson over??

Hasn't he suffered a lot already? He has suffered since his birth, he has given the worl so much! Why not give him a brak from all this?? :S

So - I heard MJ is staying somewhere in Hollywood...because he needs to stay close to his Dr.'s due to a life threatening illness? What if he dies? lol. What will happen to this case, I guess his bro tito can take over for him? or is Landi trying to squeeze him for the $$$ before he passes? Anywho...I thought MJ was BROKE! how much more in the hold can you put this dude. I am just waiting for some kid or parents to come out while MJ is on his death bed with "Molestation" charges or something...just stay away from MJ people...leave the man alone.

UGH! All everybody did to Michael was sue him for money. He couldn't even pay his bodyguards because everybody thought he was mr. moneybags. That crap got annoying. 'Oh, Michael Jackson broke my fingernail. I'll sue him for all hes worth!'


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