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Tigersushi Records: the unrepentant cad's Friday night soundtrack

November 14, 2008 |  4:28 pm

Sigrid500If the effects of America's hot Hope injection of recent days are wearing off, there's nothing to lift your spirits like dirty-minded French disco. So, Pop & Hiss sends you off for your Friday night romantic chicanery with suggestions for two recently released Gallic electro records that, of late, have been making some serious rounds in our collective swank bachelor pads, both courtesy of the great Paris-based label Tigersushi Records.

The first is "Images of Sigrid," the second full-length from the Barbes-based quintet Poni Hoax, who can deadpan like Gainsbourg, spray strobe-lit synth arpeggios like Moroder and toss off punk-funk guitar licks worthy of PiL.  It's not dance music in the sense of the Ed Banger stuff that became a metonym for "French techno" last year, but it'll still make for a lecherous house party if need be. We also harbor a particular affection for Europeans' fascination with American cheerleading, so that album cover is adjacent to awesome for us.

The second is "Lazare" from countrymen and label mates Principles of Geometry (whose site we can't link to because of an un-postable but sort of incredible album cover). The album is a mash note to the pleasures of obscure vintage synthesizers, but instead of servicing dance beats, everything swells into a kind of end-of-summer haze. Imagine making out on a high school football field at dusk while a washed-out '70s nature documentary plays on loop from a classroom next door, and that's a start.

-- August Brown