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Electro-rap goes mainstream? Hypercrush, LMFAO to major labels

Hypercrush2 Two ascendant local electro-rap acts who inject pop-leaning melodies into their songs are about to reap the benefits of near-constant gigging around town. San Fernando Valley-based trio Hypercrush (pictured) just inked a deal with Motown/Universal, and LMFAO is "weeks away," per New York-based manager Rene Mclean, from signing a multi-record deal with Interscope (Pop & Hiss has independently verified the band is in talks with Interscope).

Hypercrush and LMFAO are known local quantities in clubland, as both acts have gained fans via late-night live appearances in venues such as Mood, instead of traditional rock music venues for up-and-comers such as Spaceland, the Troubadour or the Echo.

But clearly what caught the attention of both Motown/Universal and Interscope, is both acts’ Myspace profiles (Hypercrush has two tracks at nearly a million "plays" and just over 71,000 "friends" while LMFAO can claim over 32,000). Hypercrush is now known nationwide to boosters of the kitschier side of dance music, thanks to infectious offerings such as "Robo Tech" and "Sex & Drugs," which lit up countless Myspace profiles last year. 

Similarly, LMFAO scored a local underground club hit with "I'm in Miami, Bitch" in 2007.  More recently, the track is turning up on commercial rap station Power 106 during Big Syphe & Eric D-Lux’s afternoon drive-time show...a major departure from the tried and true commercial rap the station normally plays. 

With Atlantic Records’ similar-sounding duo 3Oh!3 buzzing, it looks as if Hypercrush and LMFAO are poised to reap the benefits of an electro-influenced "rapcore" wave with kids from San Diego to Sarasota next year.

When Audrina wears your T-shirt on "The Hills," it's probably safe to assume you've made it in L.A., for whatever that's worth these days. At the very least, stylists seem to be crushing on Hypercrush.

--Charlie Amter

Photo: Hypercrush. Credit: Colin Jacob

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Thats tight yoooooo!!!!


That's great for the groups and I'm happy for them... but if labels think they're going to sell tons of records based on MySpace plays... then I'd say that there's going to be a few A&R's that lose their jobs.

For what it's worth, here is a quote from the A&R rep who signed them as to the reasons he snapped them up (this came in too late to add to my post, but I'll add it here for you). It's not just Myspace, according to Sal Gustella at Universal.

"Hyper Crush is hands on with all aspects of their career from writing treatments for their videos, setting up their tour, designing merch, etc....and it doesn’t hurt that they have a solid fan base, either. As soon as I heard their music, I was immediately attracted to them. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I feel that there is a change in the air, and they are a part of that change."

wow. i cant believe the a & r's have been fooled by this music too. i wonder if the fact that this kids parents are in the music biz has something to do with their signing to interscope (if they do)

LMFAO has gotten HUGE. They've been touring all the big festivals--Winter Music Conference, Coachella, Bamboozle, etc. Lots of hot pics and frequently updated blogs at their site: lmfaonews.com. I'm glad for them getting signed. They had been underground for so long, and the stuff they've done since has been awesome!


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