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'Drive': Albert Brooks recalls a breathtaking deleted scene

December 7, 2011 |  6:30 pm

Playing the mobster and former movie producer Bernie Rose in the neo-noir thriller "Drive," Albert Brooks uses both the carrot and the stick. When the situation calls for it, Bernie will schmooze, haggle or crack a joke. But when words fail, watch out — because he won't think twice about resorting to coarser methods.

In a recent visit to the Envelope Screening Series, Brooks recounted a scene — eventually left on the cutting room floor — that demonstrated Bernie's matter-of-fact viciousness.

"This scene didn't make it into the movie," Brooks said, "but it's one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me."

He went on to describe a scene in which his character confronted a noisy neighbor and asked him to keep it down. The hapless neighbor soon learned that Bernie is not a guy to be messed with. At the encouragement of director Nicolas Winding Refn and with the blessing of actor Ben Marley, Brooks gave the scene his all, and the results were startling, to say the least. Get the whole story in the video above.


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— Oliver Gettell

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