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'The Conspirator' nails authenticity. With flat nails [video]

August 15, 2011 |  4:53 pm


"The Conspirator," Robert Redford's historical drama about the trial of Mary Surratt, the only woman charged as a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, came and went quickly when it was released this spring. For those who happened to see it in theaters, the big-name cast, which included James McAvoy, Evan Rachel Wood and Robin Wright, may have distracted from the meticulous detail put into the film's historical authenticity.

Luckily, that's what DVD extra features are for. In this exclusive clip from "The Conspirator" DVD, out Tuesday, production designer Kalina Ivanov shows off just how much thought went into re-creating Washington of 1865. The columns may be a little thicker (that makes them more masculine), but the details are mostly right. All the way down to the flat nails used to hold the gallows together. Why flat nails? That's the way they did it back in 1865.



How ideological is Robert Redford?

'The Conspirator' movie premiere: Robert Redford, James McAvoy, Robin Wright hatch a plot

--Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Robert Redford directs Robin Wright as Mary Surratt on the courtroom set of “The Conspirator.” Credit: Claudette Barius / Roadside Attractions


Photo: Robert Redford directs Robin Wright as Mary Surratt in the courtroom set of “The Conspirator.” Claudette Barius / Roadside Attractions

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