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Cannes 2011: A video examination, Part 4 -- Did Lars von Trier go too far?

May 18, 2011 |  9:29 pm

Lars von Trier made headlines -- the kind you don't want -- at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday. In a monologue that started with the question of Richard Wagner's suitability as a soundtrack choice, the Danish director of "Melancholia" wound up telling a news conference that he felt sympathy for Nazis and Hitler. Was it a joke gone awry or something worse? The Times' Steven Zeitchik and the Chicago Tribune's  Michael Phillips hash it out.



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It wasn't until I actually watched a video of Trier's entire response (s) that it became apparent that this man is a true anti-semite; his words are filled with absolute hatred. In addition, he is ignorant of history. It was eventually proven that Albert Speer was as guilty as anyone else in the Nazi regime. Did it ever occur to Trier that the Nazis would have considered himself a degenerate avant garde artist, and gassed and burned his corpse in a concentration camp along with Jews, Gypsies, gays, and any other group they deemed not proper? It will be interesting to see how Martin Scorsese responds to this. My guess is that after a career spent misrepresenting Italian-Americans for money, he will cheerfully proceed with his upcoming collaboration with a man who voices joyful enthusiasm for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Is it too much to ask that we here in America boycott Trier's films?

Both Political Correctness and Anti-Semitism are disgusting. It disgusts me that anyone questions the use of Wagner's music, actually, more than Trier's petty hate speech.

Why does the media sensationalize non-sense? These people who are "offended" every time someone opens their mouth, diminish the actual event and make the rest of us question motives. So what if someone says something about Hitler, are the offended so fragile that an opinion will rain havoc? Grow up you bunch of wimps and whiners, you think you are the only ones offended by some atrocity? Maybe if every time you were offended you sent a dollar to Sudan that would have more impact and be of greater benefit to the human community.

Sountrack from GETTY & HITLER ...

It turns out J.P. Getty may have been a Nazi;
His family even goes back to Germany.
With Hitler, Goring & Goebbels he did stand;
While trying to undermine the American land!
For paintings & artifacts he did receive
With his oil he was able to deceive?
Hoover & the FBI and Roosevelt they knew
That J.P. Getty & espionage he drew!
Many a young lad and Jew did die
As planes dropped bombs from the sky.
For years while Getty sat in Berlin
He may have committed many a sin.
The ashes and smoke from the chimneys it rose
While old man Getty sat cozy; he chose.
With artwork held tightly under his arm
Still dripping in blood -- as the real owner met harm.
Into the ovens & on meat-hooks, bullets between the eyes
Listen very carefully you can still hear their cries!
While the Gettys sit in England; at their estate at Wormsley
And Gordon sings in San Francisco
With his 727 in tow.
The Getty museum sits atop Malibu
While the corpses of World War 2 scream -- J.P. Getty -- We know you!

I take offense as a Jewish person that every time a remark is made regarding Nazi's or Hitler the conversation becomes about Jewish people and antisemitism. Hitler murdered over 22 million people!! So far as I am concerned, people like Trier and others who have remarked that they respect or admire Hitler (Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Prince Harry, etc) are not anti-semites, they are insane anti-humane, psychopaths.


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