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Miley Cyrus: Breaking out of Disney shell is 'challenging' [Video]

April 2, 2011 |  9:14 pm

When Miley Cyrus' long-running Disney Channel show "Hannah Montana" came to a close in January, the actress immediately made it clear she was keen on becoming a movie star. She recently wrapped two new films -- "LOL" with Demi Moore and "So Undercover," set in a college sorority -- which should hit theaters later this year.

But breaking free of the Mouse House has been a struggle, Cyrus admitted at the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, where the singer-actress was nominated for three awards.

"It's challenging, because it's hard to keep everyone happy when you're doing that," she said, referring to being mindful of her Disney reputation. "But you just have to choose projects that inspire you that you really like. You do a lot of press when you do a movie, so something that you enjoy talking about more than something that you're not inspired by."

Asked what she weighs when deciding which film parts to go out for, Cyrus said she was eager to take on "a challenge."

"Something that I know will be good for me to play that I can find within myself," the 18-year-old said. "Because that's what I think acting is all about--is finding something in yourself that you haven't discovered yet and bringing that to life."


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--Amy Kaufman


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What a truly phony, hideous, snaggle-toothed creature she is.

Hopefully "Ben" didn't have someone calling him a "snaggle-toothed creature" when he was 18.

Everyone in Hollywood is "phony". Don't criticize Miley for that. It's no different than politicians or PR people for any large company.

I think that she is growing up so she can decide what she wants to do with her life, and i really dont think that disney is her thing anymore!

I love her! I think people should give her a break, ever since she started this like "image change" thing, people have been going crazy! I think shes awesome and she should just keep doing what shes doing.


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