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Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins: Who's the fairest of them all?

April 2, 2011 |  9:43 am

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The announcement Friday that Lily Collins would play the title character in the other Snow White movie (or is Kristen Stewart's the other Snow White movie?) offers a rare chance to compare two actors who'll take on the same role at virtually the same time. Which one is best suited to play the fairy-tale heroine? We grade them on seven key characteristics.

Likability. Snow White has to be relatable if not downright sweet, Mia Wasikowska's Alice if not Anne Hathaway's princess. Stewart doesn't do smiling well. Collins, on the other hand, is a beaming presence who practically gushed to HitFix when she got the role. Advantage: Collins

Resume. Even at 21, Stewart has a lot of acting experience, not just in three "Twilight" movies but dramas such as "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Rileys." Collins' most prominent role is as the daughter you nearly forgot amid Sandra Bullock's Oscar-winning performance in "The Blind Side." Advantage: Stewart

Tonsoriality. it's all about the hair. Stewart's can be lustrous, as in the photo above, but it can also be gothy, stringy, unprincessy. Plus she's always tugging at it. Not very Snow White. Collins' is long, flowing, Rapunzel-like. Advantage: Collins

Pedigree. Stewart's father was a stage manager, giving him some everyman respectability. Collins' father was the man who gave the world "Su-su-sudio." Advantage: Heavily Stewart

Attractiveness. Always a subjective category. We'll defer to the experts. Collins landed on Maxim's list of the 20 hottest daughters of rock stars. Kristen Stewart failed to make Maxim's Hot 100 last year, though did merit an FHM mention. Advantage: Collins (despite the loose definition of "rock star")

Slyness. Mental acuity is just as much a part of Snow White as physical beauty; after all, you need to outsmart the queen and her evil designs. Collins went to Harvard-Westlake and is studying journalism at USC. Stewart left organized education in the seventh grade. Advantage: Heavily Collins

Fleetfootedness. You have to outrun the huntsman and anyone else the queen will send after you. As Bella Swan, Stewart has plenty of on-screen practice running away from the bad guys, even if she mumbles incoherently while she does it. Collins has mostly avoided any pursuer-type situations. Advantage: Stewart

Final tally: Collins: Three advantages, one heavy advantage. Stewart: Two advantages, one heavy advantage


How many new Snow Whites does the world need?

Will Kristen Stewart make a good Snow White?

Kristen Stewart: Breaking Dawn will change people's minds about Bella Swan

--Steven Zeitchik


Photos: Kristen Stewart. (credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) Lily Collins. (credit: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

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Great comparison.

But who's got the Best Snow WHite Boobs and Snow White butt?

Gee, objectify much?

Kristen is the best actress in the whole world! That's it!


You guys are crazy Kristen Stewart is way more attractive then Collins so Stewart should win that little compartiablity.

This article is insulting to both Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins. Stating that Collins is going to be a better Snow White based on attractiveness and whether they went to college or not is ridiculous. As for attractiveness I think Stewart is prettier. Collins is not very well known and as for acting chops, Stewart knockes Collins out of the ballpark.

SO silly! The movie industry would do any productions a favor by NOT reusing
the same old faces AND OLD stories! This money could be helpfully used differently. These nice women look too old for this one and prove "acting" can be easily done. Why can't the industry THRILL us by finding NEW, AUTHENTIC TALENT??? instead of playing the producer/agency/publicists "Hollywood Game" of pushing the SAME faces they want to reuse/own or lazily using children whose parents are associated with this industry. Here's a great example of the fodder for a new REALITY TV SHOW...competing producers OR Finding NEW ACTORS/ACTRESSES!

i love u kristen stewart i am trying to be like u. u rock. what is ur room painted i think u look better cause kristen stewart is awesome and she is a tomboy same here

You are an idiot! Comparing these women in the Snow White roles in ludicrois. Each of them is a talent unto themselves!!!

Even as a child I was unable to sit through Disney's Snow White, simply because of the fact that I found her too bubbly and happy, that it was annoying.

I think that Kristen would give the role an edgy, kick-ass feel. She's obviously not going to be singing and dancing, and sprouting rainbows out of her ass; if she was, she probably wouldn't have been cast as part. I heard that they were trying to go with a bit more of a bad-ass vibe, than fairytale princess. The Brothers Grim version of Snow White is actually quite gruesome, to be honest.

I have a feeling that Collins' version is to have more of a traditional, princess feel. All and all, I'd much rather watch Kristen Stewart anyway!

I just don't find Lily Collins attractive.

How can I say this well k stew Is beyond bella from twilight like her partner r pattz Is as edward cullen In short kristne stewart over lily collins I will tell you something If you have the drive and will to succeed you can go far this will prove k stew's point.

Physically, collins fits the role perfectly!

Each one is made for her role, Collins will bring a Disney Snowy type while on the other hand i imagine Stew's Snow to be more like the Red Riding Hood Seyfried portrayed, leaving the old fairytale way behind and bringing the blood, and hot scenes with Chris Hemsworth. I think Collins is choosing great movies on her resume, it's impressing what she's getting by just making the Blind Side before, GO COLLINS!

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