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Raging bulls: Donald Trump fires back at De Niro

April 25, 2011 |  1:11 pm


In an appearance on Saturday, Robert De Niro questioned Donald Trump's integrity. In an appearance on Monday, Trump questioned De Niro's intelligence.

Speaking to a Tribeca Film Festival audience this past weekend on the issue of politics, the actor said that some are "making statements about people they don't even back up. It's a big hustle."

He was referring, apparently, to Trump's birther crusade against President Obama. De Niro never mentioned Trump by name, but when moderator Brian Williams interjected wondering whether De Niro was referring to a personality who had a show on NBC, De Niro tacitly acknowledged it by continuing the tear against Trump: "How dare you? That's awful. Just to go out there and say things you can't back up. That's crazy."

Speaking by phone to the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning, Trump let his own resentment fly. "Well, he's not the brightest bulb on the planet," the mogul said of De Niro. "I have been watching  over the years and I like his acting, but in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we are not dealing with Albert Einstein." Trump went on to continue to hammer at the birther theme. (The video is below; relevant portions start at about the 3:00 mark.)

It was the second time in a week that Trump took aim at an entertainer. After Jerry Seinfeld pulled out of a Trump charity event over the birther comments, the "Celebrity Apprentice" star/producer went after Seinfeld and his failed show "The Marriage Ref," calling it "terrible."

Public interview skills have been a shaky area for De Niro -- Saturday's event further underscored it -- though it's rarely been seen by those who poke at it, including Williams and David Letterman, as a matter of intelligence so much as awkwardness or introversion.

Of course, there may be a larger end-game in Trump taking a shot at De Niro or Seinfeld: If the coiffed one is indeed serious about a bid for president, he could find worse strategies than running against liberal Hollywood.

--Steven Zeitchik



Tribeca 2011: Fitfully, Robert De Niro talks about his acting past and future (and Donald Trump)

Photo: Donald Trump addressing the CPAC convention. Credit:  Alex Brandon / Associated Press

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big hat ..no cattle donald

Trump was not even born in the United States. He was born in the Czech Republic. He has counterfeit birth records. I know his secret past. He should be ashamed by trying to divert his falsehoods to Obama.

Wasn't Reagan from Hollywood? Reagon was great. DeNiro is great. Trump is a slug.

The very fact that Seinfeld and De Niro think Trump can run for President as a Republican proves how out of touch and gullible they are.

And you know, If Obamas mother was really a citizen, and everythign seems to indicate she was, then it doesn't matter where Obama was born. He could produce a Birth Certificate from the Moon and it just wouldn't matter. Hos mother was a citizen therefore so is he.

But Trump is correct in that the only person keeping this Birterism alive is Obama by refusing to release the birth certificate (I know he released a certificate of live birth but it isn't the same thing by a long shot. For a Passport you have to produce a Birth Certifiate and a Certificate of Live Birth won't do. )

But while we are at it where are Obama's college records? He must be pretty embarassed by them since he is hiding those too.

How DARE Trump ask the same question millions of other Americans ask about our Non-Transparent President!?!?

Why, Trump must believe he has the freedom of speech, or some such crazy notion!

We all know, as DeNiro knows, that only LIBERALS have the right to question Republican Presidents and to express their opinions.

Hey moron birthers -
1) the paper you keep claiming you want to see (the one Trump pulled out with foot prints) clearly states "Not a Legal Document." You have seen his legal birth certificate (along with the birth announcements in newspapers at the time) that attests to his birth.
2) It does not matter what he shows you birthers. Even if you could read whatever document Obama produces through your hood, you would always demand more. You have bought into this as an article of faith because you all cannot stand having a black man as president.

and finally, about Trump himself - no way do I want a man who has been bankrupt multiple times and cannot seem to run a business as president. He has a casino that is losing money! Are you kidding me? How is that even possible? He is merely a huckster who is good at self-promoting himself to idiots who think he is smart. Besides, the United States is a democratic system, not a corporation. Corporations just care about the bottom line and do not care about people. Governments - especially democratic ones - are run by people, not corporations.

I live just north of a failed real estate development near the border in Mexico that Donald Trump "rented" his name to. It failed because it was a scam and when the victims went public, Mr. Trump distanced himself from the project and the scamers that he had "rented" his name to. I think it shows a total lack of personal integrity.

Trump was a major windbag BEFORE this .. now he's just embarrassing himself ..

The fact that the GOP is even seriously considering Trump for any elected office just goes to show how absolutely morally and intellectually bankrupt they are. I've never seen a political party so desperate for attention... mostly of the negative sort. So... where are those jobs, Jobs, JOBS that the GOP endlessly chanted about during the run-up to the mid-term election? Guess their racist innuendo (AKA the birther issue) is once again getting the better of them.

If "The Donald" wants to be president, perhaps Robert DeNiro could direct a movie and "Donald" could be the star of the show in his imaginary role of "THE PRESIDENT." Trump likes what he is doing now with his business enterprises and the real White House would be a bore for him in a short time. He is 'too much' for the Oval Office. He can do much more as public/private citizen for the Country with his talent and resources.

Right, Stevie. And his mom even had the foresight to put in two fake ads in a Honolulu newspaper announcing his birth because she knew he would someday be president.
As for the spelling impaired "recklessprocess," you have know clue. Obama HAS shown his birth certificate. These same birth certificates are used for passports EVERY DAY. THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a difference between a "certificate of live birth (which is on ALL birth certificates)" and a "birth certificate." This is a Faux News invention, who probably stole it from the racist Alex Jones. Seriously, Trump can ask whatever questions he wants - but he looks like a complete idiot (as do the 45% of Republicans polled) when he claims "All Obama needs to do is produce a birth certificate."

No matter what Obama produces, it will never be enough for you racist troglodytes who just hate the fact that we have a black president who is not a toady like Thomas. Judge after judge in federal court has seen these challenges and thrown them out on their face. Oily Teats has been threatened with contempt of court and abuse of process by one judge for her continual nonsense.

So go ahead, shout out loud your ignorance. Deny Obama's citizenship, deny global warming, deny evolution, deny science, and advocate for every wacky conspiracy theory that oozes forth from the web about ufos, 911, and kennedy. In the mean time, China and India are leaving us behind in science because the Republicans want to cut more science funding and morons like you all make a virtue out of stupidity and ignorance.

not the best choice of words there, deniro. if anybody "says things that they don't back up", it's obama. trump, on the other hand, has a snappy response to everything...and we'll see what he digs up about our man-of-mystery president. i'm less concerned with exactly where barack was born as i would like an answer from him as to why he has spent over two million dollars to hide all records of his past. doesn't the american public deserve that much ?

Well, I would say Donald should shut his mouth but he has knocked Miss Palin out of the news.

well bananarama never wrote a song with trump in the lyrics now did they.

DeNiro should stick to only speaking when he's memorized the lines someone else has written for him.

VLADIMIR PUTIN just produced his 'CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH' from hawaii, for another $3. he got a diploma from ACCIDENTAL. 'occidental' the occidental diploma was found however to be a 'scratch off' diploma. underneath the scratch off was the name HURVERD, school of global and biskit warming.

mo khadafi throws name into hat for 2012 presidential race, submitting a certificate of live birth from hawaii and a reasonable facsimile diploma from harvard

hugo chavez announces run for united states presidency 2012, includes 'CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH' from hawaii, and diploma from COLUMBIA.

PREMIER FIDEL CASTRO declares for PREMIER OF ESTADOS UNIDOS 2012, including 'certificate of NEARLY ALIVE birth' and diloma from university of hawaii/havana campus UHHC.

republic of KENYA reaps giant rewards by selling CERTIFICATES OF LIVE BIRTH from any state or us territory.

I demand to see Donald's tax return for 2008. I'm not saying he cheated on his taxes or anything; I'm only asking questions here. (someone hands me a copy of his 1040) Hey, all I see is a 1040! Surely there must be W2's, 1099's and what have you! You know what, he didn't even PAY taxes that year! (someone helpfully points out that the 1040 clearly indicates an amount of tax paid) Yeah, well, I don't buy it. I think it's photoshopped. Look in the top right-hand corner. See where they blurred out his Social Security number? This is all made up. (now someone's helpfully provided the W2's and other attached forms associated with the 1040) These are fake, too.

Once and for all you can go into the registrars office and check out the recording of the birth. I understand that by staying on this issue it keeps any of you from having to think and thus get pummelled in any conversation you have with someone over the age 8 regarding politics. Sorry but you had your chance when you were younger and blew it. The D- brigade will not carry the day you bunch of morons

Trump will run in the BLOVIATOR PARTY

Donald is a blow hard, but at least he has the guts to tell it like it is. The points he makes are valid.

Wow. So the birthers troll for any newspaper article they can find with the b- word and fill the comment section with their paranoid moronic rants? even at the cost of supporting D.T.?

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