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Live chat with David Schwimmer on Friday

March 29, 2011 |  6:59 pm


Ever since the end of "Friends," David Schwimmer has been spending more and more time on the other side of the camera. He's directed TV movies, series TV and made his feature directing debut in 2007 with the romantic comedy "Run, Fatboy, Run."

His latest film, "Trust," premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last fall and is very much a change of pace. Clive Owen and Catherine Keener play a suburban couple whose teenage daughter falls victim to a sexual predator whom she chats with online.

On the day the R-rated film opens in limited release, Schwimmer will join us for an online chat of our own (though we promise this one will be safe for all audiences), in which he'll be answering questions about "Trust" or anything else that you'd like to ask. So join us right here Friday at 11 a.m. PDT.


Photos from the "Trust" premiere in Toronto

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: David Schwimmer, left, directs Clive Owen on the set of "Trust." Credit: Chuck Hodes / Millennium Entertainment

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Thank you David! I saw you on Fox and I wanted to share a recent story that I was sent. It could have been the basis of your show.
It is disgusting and demoralizing as a female and a parent to think that a man can rape two children and have a legal system that recommends a judicial review to determine if possibly the sentence should be reduced.
Please help to share this message and support this family.
thanks for taking the time to care about others!


I heard him interviewed on TV Tuesday. He spoke about his upcoming film as well as his involvement in combating internet stalkers which seems rampant.

God bless him for his work. This chat will be worth your time.

David, will you continue directing some more "Little Britain's USA"?


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