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'Pirates of the Caribbean' runs out of treasure [trailer]

December 13, 2010 |  4:34 pm

From the moment Disney began contemplating a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean,” there was a lot of talk about how the movie would scale down in budget and scope.

Judging by the trailer, Rob Marshall's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," which opens May 20, managed to do that without changing much about the big action sequences for which the franchise is known.

Unfortunately, Marshall doesn’t seem to have changed much else either. This time Jack Sparrow has a new quest searching for the fountain of youth, but it’s all in a very familiar context. Sparrow gets mouthy. Blackbeard swears vengeance. There’s swashbuckling, and supernatural elements, and nautical set pieces. Marshall has retained the spirit of Gore Verbinski, who directed the first three films, but without offering much reason for why there needed to be a new movie in the first place.

Should the Johnny Depp franchise have been retired after the last film, “At World’s End”? Jerry Bruckheimer has said he originally conceived ”Pirates” as a trilogy. He and Disney obviously changed their tune, but much of what’s here still just seems like the new packaging of old plotlines. The few changes that are attempted, such as swapping in Penelope Cruz for Keira Knightley, feel unconvincing. “Steady as she goes,” her character says. Too steady.

-- Steven Zeitchik




Did Disney pick a bad time to promote 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'?



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Because every James Bond movie has a very different plot from the last. Also Batman. Also Harry Potter. Also Jason Bourne.

They're franchises because they're formulas that work. When the last one made you a billion dollars, what incentive do you have to not make the next one? What magical Hollywood do you live in where art and originality take precedence? At least Johnny Depp is watchable in these movies, unlike Shia and Optimus.

Does it really matter if its the same material? To be honest, the first three films were quite similar, but interestingly enough, they were all successes, both financially and critically. Despite the fact that there doesn't seem to be much "change," one should not discourage the upcoming installment so hastily. And even if there is absolutely nothing different at all, would anyone mind paying money to see yet another comical and witty piece of art that is Bruckheimer and Depp along with an ensemble cast? I know I wouldn't.

Depp, Rush, and Mcshane? How can this not be better than the last three, being free of the NONchemistry of Bloom and Kneightley?

The author of "On Stranger Tides" sold the rights to this movie.

Monkey Island was supposed to be inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean ride but the maker of that game said its *true* inspiration was this book.

If that is true, then one can equate the first 3 Pirates movies to the storytelling level of Monkey Island where as this may probably well be the first Pirates film with a legitimately gritty story adapted from an influential work of historical fantasy literature.

The trailer was obviously marketed around the element of nostalgia so of course we can't tell if there's any new surprising angle to it until we see the full movie and its story play itself out in some narratively more three-dimensional way (and that's not a pun on the 3D). One can arguably make the same case for the trailer to Curse of the Black Pearl - it is one of the most dreadfully campy movie trailers of the 21st century and we had no notion beyond what this swashbuckling action adventure movie about aztec gold was going to lead to an astounding character study and introduction into popular culture, Captain Jack Sparrow.

yeah i agree with u mate......!!!whats the problem..... the movie looks watchable and entertaining...with the trailer now out...!!jack sparrow is back and everyone wanted him back on the big screen.....!!!POTC 4 is gonna be a bigger hit than the last 3 POTCs ..put together ...SAVVYYY!!!

I was hoping to see a more raw and dark Pirates 4. Looking at the trailer, it seems that the special effects department may have scaled things down a bit (thank you). There are mermaids and zombies...but at least no Davey Jones. At least I hope not. Johnny Depp can carry the movie by himself if it comes down to it. Good thing because Penelope Cruz seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and this is only the trailer. As far as a story line goes, Captain Jack Sparrow has always been in search of a way to keep sailing the seas. He almost made it to immortality in Pirates 3, until Will Turner became mortally wounded and Jack had to give up his shot at living forever. The fountain of youth fits into the story line very well here. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out in the end. I will be first in line to see this one in May.

The Cinematography Rocks!
This Artical is from a hater!
Mr.Depp is an Accomplished Actor that Brings what a Movie should, a Moment to forget where you are and the Adventure with a Guy you want to share a moment with.
Movies aint Magic.
This Movie will bring about 90 minutes of pleasure (at least to me and everyone I've talked with)
I live in Key West and Mr. Depp Captures the essence of being a Pirate.
the Costumes are Cool the story line is full of Zip. The Action is fantasy at it's finest.
Get what you want out of a stunted Critic... I will enjoy this movie for what it's offering. Hard work that delivers great Promis of Cool Things to come.

So now we are getting "reviews" of previews? There's a worthless task.

If this didn't have swashbuckling, naval set pieces, island adventures and pretty actresses bounding about, people would be disappointed.

Stick to writing columns, because you'd clearly fail as a studio exec.


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