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Counting down to the Oscars

March 6, 2010 |  8:12 am

Cover It's only Saturday, but a few of us here at 24 Frames might be forgiven for already having a wee bit of an Oscar hangover. No, no pre-parties or gifting suites for us. Instead, it's more from the nonstop coverage, starting even before the nominations were announced at, um, about 5:30 in the morning on Feb. 2.

Now, we know you've been following every word of it, but just in case you need some "reminding," here's a cheat sheet to get you set for Sunday -- sort of an Oscars by the numbers:

10: Number of best picture nominees. It's no secret the Oscars are trying to goose public interest by expanding the field from five to 10 this year. Did it work?

9: Number of nominations for "Avatar." But not a single one was for acting. Is it because people don't respect the technology?

8: Number of times the Oscar voting process must be explained in order to understand it. At a minimum.

7: Number of decades cinema has grappled with Nazis. Except "Inglourious Basterds" did a lot more than "grapple" with them.

6: Number of Sunday Calendar cover illustrations this weekend. Indulge us for a second: If the Oscars can go to 10 film nominees, we can print six covers.

5: Number of nominations for Jeff Bridges over his career. Bad Blake's fine, but some of us will always think of him for a role that didn't get a nod: as the Dude

4: Number of nominated producers on "The Hurt Locker." But one won't be let inside the building.

3: Number of Academy members The Envelope got to reveal their secret votes. Anonymously, natch.

2: Number of hosts this year. Guess we can ignore the discredited rumors of a third one.

1: Number of things that are certain. In a year of many question marks, we just know the revamped show will end on time. We hope.

-- Scott Sandell

Above: One of six Oscar-themed cover illustrations on Sunday Calendar this week. Credit: Maurice Vellekoop / For The Times

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