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Sandra Bullock, Kathryn Bigelow and others riff on a day of Oscar

February 2, 2010 |  6:08 pm

It’s been one of those days when the calls keep coming in from Oscar nominees – producers, directors, performers (although more from actresses than actors, curiously). We’ve been collecting them all day – from how Sandra Bullock really felt about “The Blind Side” when she first heard about the film to the advice Tom Hanks gave Gabourey Sidibe. A few choicer statements:

Bu Kathryn Bigelow on, essentially, enough with the female-director talk: "I long personally for the day when that modifier [women director] is a moot point. I anticipate that day will come. I think we’re close. If 'The Hurt Locker' or the attention that it’s getting can make the impossible seem possible to somebody, it’s pretty overwhelming and gratifying. At least we’re heading in the right direction."

Sandra Bullock on why  "Blind Side" was so resonant: "I have no idea. No one wanted to make the film. We made the film for a little amount of money.  [When I was first approached] I didn’t see it. I didn’t know how to make it my own. That’s why I kept saying no. The reason there’s this monumental chord that’s been struck is because of John Lee Hancock. He knew the story he wanted to tell. He wanted to tell a story of a mother and son."

And producer Andrew Kosove on Bullock: "Sandra] or Meryl Streep will win best actress. The problem with best actress is that you can give it to Meryl Streep every year. She’s the best actress in the world. It’s like Tiger Woods in a golf tournament — eventually someone else has to be allowed to win."

"Up" writer-director Pete Docter has been nominated four times – but it still gives him butterflies:  "I’ve been to the Oscars before. It’s always a little nerve-racking. Half your brain is going. 'I can’t  believe I’m here. I'm just a geeky kid who likes to draw cartoons, and here I am among the Hollywood elite.' And then there's the other part, the pit in your stomach hoping against hope that you can win."

Gabourey Sidibe on what it’s like to be nominated for an Oscar in her first feature: "I think it’s a crazy world we live in. Anything is possible in America. And possibly Canada too…. The best advice came from Tom Hanks. He told me [award season] is a series of silly parties. And that I should get comfortable shoes. He was right. I do need them."

Vera Farmiga on whether actors in "Avatar" or performances in other motion-capture pictures deserve Oscar recognition. "I’d actually have to study a process or be a part of a film like that and [see] how much more is embellished computer-wise. I don’t see why not. I think it’s legitimate performance. I don’t discredit it in any way because it’s translated by a computer."

-- Steven Zeitchik, Chris Lee, Rachel Abramowitz and Amy Kaufman

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Sorry? What?

"The problem with best actress is that you can give it to Meryl Streep every year. She’s the best actress in the world. It’s like Tiger Woods in a golf tournament — eventually someone else has to be allowed to win."

Somebody else has been winning Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for 27 years. Jesus.

Sandra Bullock decides to take Drama seriously (with a mediocre performance) after decades of goofing around and suddenly she's over due and deserves a win with her 1st Oscar nomination??

Oh God... She's actually going to win isn't she? Oh good God.

Andrew Kosove doesn't know that its been 27 years since Meryl last oscar, he better check his facts before talking....

And whatta inteligent response from Vera Farmiga, and not the dumb answer from Morgan Freem for the same question in the newsweek roundtable.

Meryl Streep SOOO deserves to win, and c'mon, she's not had an Oscar since 1983! Sandra Bullock? Puh'leez.

Why can't Andrew keep his mouth shut? He should've done some homework before opening his mouth. He's going to ruin Sandra's chance of winning because he has to talk louder and more than everyone else with an opinion. This guy has one of the worst reputations in the business and two of the nicest business partners in the business. He doesn't know what's he's talking about and might end up showing everyone by this controversy that Streep hasn't won in 27 years and she really is the best actress in the world. Hopefully this doesn't turn people against Sandy. He has to pick fights with everyone last week it was Joel Silver, now he's picking on Streep? Let the other producers talk for a change.

Emma...I absolutley agree....EVERYONE seems to be under the impression that "Meryl has won every year and let's give someone else a chance"....GIVE ME A BREAK! I was a teenager the last time Meryl won an Oscar and now I have an 18yr old of my own...IT'S BEEN DECADES SINCE SHE WON FOLKS!...I hate to say this but our Meryl is almost the Susan Lucci of the film screen world....WAY OVERDUE FOR WHAT SHE SHOULD HAVE HAD YEARS AGO! And Bullock....what a joke she and her nomination have turned out to be...as for "taking drama seriously", Bullock isn't even in the same league with the other three nominees and she's CERTAINLY no where near the level of Meryl.


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