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Envelope Directors Roundtable: Kathryn Bigelow on casting 'The Hurt Locker'

February 12, 2010 |  8:00 am

When you're making an intimate character study, how do you find just the right performer? Perhaps even more pressing when you're Kathryn Bigelow making "The Hurt Locker," how do you approach your producers and tell them you're hiring a relative unknown like Jeremy Renner to star in your picture?

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I was astounded when I found out about this films various nominations.
I literally could not follow the hack-editing and direction. The acting was
worthy of Lifetime. My friend and I ended up laughing at the scenes, and
predicting the dialogue. How on earth is this mess nominated for anything
except worst waste of time for those who watched it.

I find these roundtables very interesting, but would like to see Word or PDF transcripts so I can print them for my deaf friend.


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