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Mel Gibson reminisces over some old pictures: 'Braveheart,' 'Lethal Weapon' and more

January 28, 2010 |  5:32 pm


Mel Gibson nodded toward a DVD copy of “Braveheart,” which was perched atop a stack of movies from the Oscar winner’s three-decade career. “It doesn’t always end well for the guys I play, does it? They get their guts cut out or it gets nasty at the end. This new guy, he’s like that too.”

The new guy is Thomas Craven, the main character in “Edge of Darkness,” which marks Gibson’s first leading-man job since 2002. The Craven role is fairly familiar character territory for Gibson — he’s a desperate father, a cop on the edge, a man looking for revenge — but the 54-year-old is on uncertain ground with moviegoers after a career calamity with the worldwide press coverage of his anti-Semitic rant while in police custody for a 2006 DUI.

MelGibsonPromoThe trajectory of Gibson’s career has been startling in its left turns — when People magazine put the actor on the cover of its first “sexiest man alive” issue in 1985, who would have suspected that he would go on almost two decades later to direct, produce and co-write a film that would become a flash point in contemporary American religious life?

Last week, Gibson sat down to reflect on some mile markers in his own cinematic journey by watching scenes from past films. “I don’t revisit, it’s not something I do,” he said, studying his youthful visage from “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior,” the high-octane film that kicked off a decade that saw Gibson go from an unknown Australian actor to one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. “Look at him, I’m not sure I even know this guy.”

For Gibson's thoughts on "Lethal Weapon," "The Passion of the Christ" and more, click on the image of "Braveheart" above.

-- Geoff Boucher


Mel Gibson: The shadow in his smile

Movie Review: 'Edge of Darkness'

Photo: Mel Gibson. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

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"but the 54-year-old is on uncertain ground with moviegoers after a career calamity with the worldwide press coverage of his anti-Semitic rant while in police custody for a 2006 DUI." He was raging drunk and bad mouthed the Jewish arresting cop. He also disparaged the female officer, but that is hardly ever mentioned. This comes off to me as 'don't cross the Jews, else they'll never let you forget it'. As a Jewish person myself, I need more than an alcoholic rant(or he made a Jesus movie, or his father's a...) to conclude that MG hates me.

Mel Gibson is a Holocaust denier and a bigoted anti-semite. I won't patronize anything he touches or any film that he is in and I urge other people to shun him as well. He is a disgraceful human being.

Who cares about him reminiscing about anything? This Nazi sympathizer should be ignored. I do not know why anyone would waste their time reading this article, but Gibson should have been blackballed from Hollywood after his antisemitic tirade.This allegedly religious hypocrite should spend his time figuring out how to hide his money from his ex wife instead he screwed over instaed of making another embarrassing movie. If he had any regret about his comments he would donate his money to a holocaust museum and apologize on behalf of himself and his Nazi loving father.

Mel Gibson is the man and his films are some of the best out there.

If everyone got crucified for saying something bad in their life, there wouldn't be one person left on this planet. It's really time to move on.


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