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Do long receipts annoy you? [video]

July 22, 2011 |  7:30 am


Are you annoyed by long receipts? A year ago consumer columnist David Lazarus talked with the CVS drugstore chain about their stores' long receipts with rewards bucks on them that you have to carry around until you return to cash them in. CVS' chief marketing officer told David that the rewards program was going to be revamped and the rewards were going to be put on plastic instead.

David recently shopped at CVS and got another long receipt.

What gives?

He talked to CVS again, and they said he must have misunderstood  them last year -- they have no intention of doing away with the long receipts.

What's your opinion about the receipts? Let us know by commenting on this blog post. And you can let CVS know too by sending an email to CC David at and he'll publish the results.

-- Pat Benson


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