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Wall Street Roundup: Fighting for dictators. JPMorgan's strength.

March 22, 2011 |  8:26 am

Gold: Trading now at $1,428 per ounce, up 0.1% from Monday. Dow Jones industrial average: Trading now at 12,029.56, down 0.1% from Monday.

Panic subsides. A series of market indicators suggest that recent turmoil in Japan and the Middle East will not be able to derail the economic recovery.

Wall sign -- stan honda afp getty images Fighting for dictators. Wall Street banks are fighting international efforts to crack down on despots and dictators who send money to foreign banks to prepare for possible revolutions.

JPMorgan's strength. JPMorgan Chase & Co. solidified its now dominant place atop Wall Street rankings by advising AT&T in its takeover of T-Mobile and extending the carrier an unprecedented loan.

Threading the loophole. Goldman Sachs told a bank analyst that it sees a number of ways that it will be able to get around the ban in last summer's financial reform bill on so-called proprietary trading.

-- Nathaniel Popper

Credit: Getty Images/Stan Honda