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Wall Street Roundup: Attacking Dodd Frank. Attacking Dodd Frank II.

March 30, 2011 |  7:59 am

Gold: Trading now at $1,419 per ounce, up 0.1% from Tuesday. Dow Jones industrial average: Trading now at 12,352,97, up 0.6% from Tuesday.

Attacking Dodd Frank. Alan Greenspan takes to the pages of the Financial Times to attack the Dodd Frank financial reform package, saying that it is a feeble attempt to keep up with the complexity of the financial system. He immediately draws a rejoinder from Floyd Norris, who argues that just because Greenspan failed as a regulator does not mean that others will.

Wall sign -- stan honda afp getty images Attacking Dodd Frank II. JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon is expected to continue his ongoing criticism of the financial reform package when he talks to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

Nasdaq hack attack. Intelligence agencies are broadening their probe of a cyber attack on the Nasdaq stock exchange in October.

Apollo touches down. Stock in the private equity firm Apollo begins trading Wednesday at around $19, the upper end of what the firm had hoped.

--Nathaniel Popper

Photo credit: Getty Images/Stan Honda