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Retail roundup: retail sales, Kardashian Kard drama, new Starbucks logo, Borders and Pinkberry

January 8, 2011 |  6:00 am

-- The nation's retailers scored their best holiday season since 2006, but uneven spending and winter storms across the country disrupted December sales, which came in below expectations. 

-- The infamous Kardashian Kard -- the debit card released by reality TV stars and sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian -- may end up costing the famous sisters big bucks. The prepaid card was pulled off shelves in November after reports of exorbitantly high user fees; now Fresno-based Mobile Resource Card, the creators of the card, have filed a $75-million lawsuit against the girls, claiming breach of contract.Starbucks logo

-- Starbucks announced that it would roll out a new logo starting in March. The latest iteration of the famous green logo eliminates the word "Starbucks" and "Coffee," and enlarges the sea nymph/mermaid/siren/whatever you want to call her (she also becomes green). As with Gap's announcement a few months ago that it would change its logo (the apparel company later changed its mind), loyal fans have taken to social media sites and message boards to protest the change.

For its part, Starbucks says it's trying to bring the brand forward as it looks to expand into more non-coffee-related enterprises.

-- Borders, which has struggled in recent years as online sellers, bigger chains and mass merchants grab share of the book-selling market, is in talks with restructuring advisors, according to the Wall Street Journal.

-- Pinkberry is kicking off the new year with its latest flavor, blood orange. The Los Angeles yogurt company said the flavor would be available in all stores by Jan. 14 for a limited time.

-- Andrea Chang

Photo: Starbucks introduced the latest version of its logo, set to roll out in March. Credit: Starbucks