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More yummy news about pie

January 17, 2011 |  5:27 pm

After our story on rising sales of pie ran in the paper the other day, a number of readers have written in to comment about their efforts to buy, sell, eat or bake pies.

Yuichiro Sato, who was mentioned in the story as the chef who makes pork belly sukiaki pie, among others, to sell at fairs and festivals, wrote in to tell us that Sunday, Jan. 23, is National Pie Day, as declared by the American Pie Council. This is not to be confused with National Pi Day (Get it, the number that goes on into infinity?), which is March 14 (Get it?) and was backed by Congress in 2009.

Sato says his company, the Flying Pie Man, will be holding a Pie Day event, Car "Pie" Diem, at the Cheese Cave in Claremont. It will showcase cheese and pie, and include some sweet pies along with the savory ones.

Meanwhile, the website of the American Pie Council has tips on how to celebrate the great day, and showcases a countdown clock showing the days, minutes and seconds left before it begins.

-- Sharon Bernstein

On Twitter: @sharonbernstein