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Local currencies popping up across the country

January 17, 2011 |  3:40 pm


The tiny town of North Fork, 45 miles north of Fresno, is creating its own local currency to try to keep money in the community, as the L.A. Times reported Saturday. But it's not the only community trying to create a currency in the down economy.

From North Fork to southern Michigan to Western Massachusetts, communities across the country are trying to figure out ways to keep spending local. Some are nontraditional: the Bay Area Community Exchange Timebank, for instance, allows members to trade services, with no money exchanged. Others, such as Ithaca Hours, have been running since 1991.

The above map shows where local currencies are being created across the country. To find out more information about individual efforts, click on the dollar signs in the above map for links and information to each local currency. 



Small town launches its own stimulus: local currency

Struggling towns printing their own cash

-- Alana Semuels

 Photo: Josh Freeman shows off the printing press where he and other volunteers printed North Fork Shares. Credit: Alana Semuels/Los Angeles Times