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Wall Street Roundup: Prop trading divorce. Why Wall Street walks.

November 12, 2010 |  8:49 am

Gold: Trading now at $1,387 per ounce, down 1.1% from Thursday. Dow Jones industrial average: Trading now at 11,219.60, down 0.6% from Thursday.

China vs. consumers. The stock markets did a complicated dance downward after consumer sentiment was hopeful and the Chinese stock market was pessimistic, dropping over 5%.

Banks look to wealthy. While it may sound like a truism, banks are looking to their private banking operations, which cater to the wealthy, as one of the few sources of growth moving forward.

Prop trading divorce. One of Wall Street's most famous proprietary trading desks, run by the eccentric Peter Muller at Morgan Stanley, may be going independent in the wake of the financial reform bill's ban on banks keeping such operations.

Getting hired at Goldman. Goldman Sachs provides an instructional video on the keys to a good interview at the firm -- in short, wear a nice suit, show up early and know your resume.

Why Wall Street walks. An examination of how Citigroup won a recent court case, and how that case demonstrates the difficulty of ever punishing Wall Street for its role in the credit crisis.

-- Nathaniel Popper