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Wall Street Roundup: Comedies and stock returns. Paul Giamatti is Ben Bernanke.

October 12, 2010 |  8:45 am

Fed watching. Investors are waiting for the Federal Reserve to announce details from its September meeting and guessing when the central bank might begin injecting more money into the economy.

Wall Street's right turn. A leading financial-industry group says it is aiming to direct 80% of industry donations to Republicans

States sue Wall Street. A small group of state attorneys general are giving voice to public anger by suing Wall Street firms.

Why potash matters. Wondering why everyone is talking about an attempt to take over a Canadian potash miner? Here's a good explanation of the geopolitics involved.

Comedies and stock returns. An intriguing academic paper argues that stocks show poorer returns after weekends when lots of people go to see comedy films. The researcher is from Denmark, if that helps explain things at all.

Paul Giamatti is Ben Bernanke. Here is the final list of which Hollywood stars will be playing which heroes and villains from the 2008 financial meltdown in HBO's adaptation of the book "Too Big to Fail."

-- Nathaniel Popper